Police Officer- Lateral Entry

Covington, KY
Covington Police Department

Salary: $56,075.16.

Position Summary:

Under general supervision, Police Officers, by virtue of their sworn office, are responsible for the protection of life and property, the prevention of crimes and the preservation of peace and order, and the saving of lives and property; and in addition, does related work as required by superiors.

Essential Functions:

  • Drive an automobile and possess a valid operator’s license.
  • Pass annual firearm qualifications.
  • Use and maintain essential equipment such as firearms, batons, flashlights, chemical sprays, ECD device and handcuffs, radios, computers, copiers, typewriters, cellular phones, etc.
  • Maintain Kentucky Law Enforcement Council Certification.
  • Serve warrants, DVO’s, EPO’s and make forcible arrests.
  • Testify in court.
  • Keep written records and make written reports of crimes, accidents, incidents in conformity with procedures, and write citations as warranted.
  • Control traffic and spectators at the scene of an emergency or crime or large gatherings.
  • Respond to and investigate vehicular accidents.
  • Assist in rescue operations and render medical aid in emergencies.
  • Climb Stairs.
  • Pursue suspects while running and scaling obstacles.
  • Perform vehicle and/or foot patrol.
  • Read, write, and communicate at 12th grade or higher level.
  • Speak before citizen and professional groups.
  • Evaluate potentially volatile situations and deal with them in an appropriate manner.
  • Follow orders and directives.
  • Maintain familiarity with federal, state, and local laws and ordinances as well as Police Department policies, rules, regulations, and guidelines.
  • Maintain knowledge of geographic areas of the City and surrounding areas.
  • Actively participate in training courses as a student.
  • Take control of a crime scene, secure and preserve evidence, and interview witnesses.


  • Valid driver’s license.
  • High School Diploma or GED certificate.
  • Birth Certificate & Social Security Card.
  • College Transcript or Diploma and Military Discharge (DD214) (if applicable).
  • Be a citizen of the United States.
  • Possess a valid license to operate a motor vehicle.
  • Be an orderly, law-abiding citizen with no prior felony convictions.
  • Not be prohibited by Federal or state law from possessing a firearm.
  • If having served in any branch of the Armed Forces of the United States, not have received a dishonorable discharge, bad conduct discharge, or general discharge under other than honorable conditions.
  • Sit for an oral interview with the hiring authority.
  • Submit to and successfully complete polygraph testing.
  • Submit to and pass an investigation of character, including fingerprinting for a criminal background check, and which may include an investigation into the educational background, past employment history, personal background, credit standing, criminal records, and any other relative information discovered during the course of investigation which might relate to the applicant’s qualifications.
  • Have received and read the Kentucky Law Enforcement Officer’s Code of Ethics.
  • Have not had certification as a peace officer permanently revoked in another state.
  • Undergo and successfully complete thorough medical examinations, including physical and drug testing.
  • Out of state-certified applicants, that have been granted a KLEC approval, will additionally be required to take an agility/physical fitness test and suitability screening.