Police Officer – Lateral and New

St. Paul Park, MN
St. Paul Park Police Department

Salary: $70,948.80 – $86,528.00 Annually.

Essential Functions:

  • Develops, maintains, and consistently applies a thorough working knowledge of the laws, ordinances, rules, policies, procedures, and court decisions required to effectively, and efficiently, perform the many roles of a St. Paul Park Police Officer.
  • Enforces applicable federal and state laws, and local ordinances to protect life and property through effective arrests of criminal violators.
  • Responds to a wide variety of calls for service and protects life and property by resolving citizen complaints; investigating and solving crimes, preserving peace and order and quality of life issues; and providing other general assistance while utilizing problem solving techniques, judgment, and appropriate use of force when necessary.
  • Enforces traffic laws and issues citations/warnings for moving, mechanical, and/or safety violations.
  • Investigates crimes, traffic crashes, suspicious circumstances and other calls for service, gathers evidence, and documents information.
  • Apprehends and detains person(s) suspected of committing crimes including searching incident to arrest, reading him/her their rights, and questioning him/her. Arrests may require subduing suspect, using force as authorized by law, and using deadly force when lawfully justified.
  • Follows up and investigates crimes as completely as possible, including assisting investigations.
  • Works cooperatively with federal, state, county, and local law enforcement agencies and prosecutors.
  • Provides emergency medical services as a first responder at crash scenes or crimes.
  • Transports arrested persons to jail, intoxicated individuals to detox, mental health patients to the hospital, or other citizens in need of assistance.
  • Handles crowds at labor disputes, demonstrations, and other civil protests.
  • Promotes positive relationships between the police department and members of the community through crime prevention education, and other related activities as assigned.
  • Actively engages in problem solving with residents, business owners, and other citizens.
  • Establishes and maintains positive and respectful relationships with co-workers and members of the public.
  • Directs traffic to assist motorists.
  • Conducts business and residence checks.
  • Works a variety of hours including special events, holidays, and weekends during all types of weather conditions and hazards.
  • Primarily conducts solo patrol throughout the city, patrolling residential, business, and public areas, whether via auto or on foot.
  • Participates in both non-emergency and emergency driving.
  • Keeps patrol vehicles properly maintained and inspects patrol vehicle.
  • Writes a variety of reports and articulates the facts in a manner such the facts are clearly understandable.
  • Prepares for and testifies in court for criminal, traffic, and civil trials, ensuring a clear and articulate testimony.
  • Operates a variety of equipment including, but not limited to, traffic radar and LIDAR, breath test devices, items related to giving first aid, computers, cameras, radios, and fingerprinting equipment.
  • Assumes additional responsibilities as assigned.


  • A commitment to and belief of the department’s mission and values.
  • Must be a United States Citizen.
  • Associate’s degree in any major or minor.
  • Meet the educational requirements or reciprocity standards of the Minnesota Peace Officer Standards and Training (P.O.S.T.), i.e. be post eligible. Board to become licensed as a peace officer in Minnesota.
  • Possess a valid, unrestricted, driver’s license and have the ability to drive.

Preferred Requirements:

  • Bachelor’s degree from an accredited college.
  • First Responder certification.
  • Previous law enforcement related experience.
  • Consistent volunteer work.