Police Officer – Lateral

Bainbridge Island, WA
Bainbridge Island Police Department

Salary: $88,068.00 – $104,352.00 Annually.

Position Summary:

The Police Officer’s primary purpose is to maintain peace and order and to protect life and property through impartial enforcement of federal, state and local laws. Under the general supervision of the Chief of Police and/or an immediate supervisor, the police officer responds to requests for assistance, investigates criminal activity, apprehends criminals, and enforces laws and ordinances. Work is performed in accordance with departmental rules, regulations, and policies and normally consists of patrol, preliminary investigation, and traffic enforcement duties.

Essential Functions:

  • Provides service to the citizens and visitors of the City of Bainbridge Island to safeguard and protect lives, property and constitutional rights.
  • Patrols city limits to monitor activity from a patrol car, bicycle, boat or on foot; monitors and enforces traffic laws and ordinances within a prescribed jurisdiction; detects and/or prevents criminal activities; issues citations for various infractions.
  • Apprehends those suspected of unlawful activity, observing legal guidelines regarding arrests and individual civil rights.
  • Responds to accident scenes and investigates causes; responds to calls for service and assistance; ensures protection of scenes and all physical evidence and witnesses until relieved by higher authority.
  • Conducts detailed investigations and gathers information that pertains to suspected criminal activities; searches for and preserves evidence; interviews victims, witnesses and potential suspects; conducts follow-up investigations based upon reports and other data compiled by department personnel.
  • Conducts prisoner searches, collects personal effects and ensures proper receipting and safeguarding of personal effects.
  • Makes oral and written reports, including case reports, arrest reports, property and evidence reports and accident reports; records information related to daily activities and prepares written reports based on this information to aid in the prosecution of alleged offenders.
  • Performs crisis intervention in sensitive situations; explains content of law to persons involved in a dispute, describing the process of filing a formal complaint, the extent of law enforcement powers, and the responsibility of citizens to follow prescribed legal procedures; provides referrals to appropriate community resources.
  • Maintains firearm proficiency; inspects and maintains all equipment used; complies with all safety standards and regulations; provides first aid as needed.
  • Directs traffic in congested areas and emergency situations; identifies, reports, and eliminates safety hazards.
  • Attends meetings, seminars, and other training classes to maintain current up-to-date knowledge of criminal and civil laws, as well as technical skills in order to remain proficient in the performance of duty; maintains awareness of newly-enacted laws and recent court decisions and their effects on police duties and responsibilities.
  • Maintains radio communication while on duty, including mealtimes, and maintains a response time conducive to the needs of citizens served, promptly responding to all calls assigned and to those calls assigned to other units where their closer proximity and the nature of the call demands immediate response.
  • Appears in court to testify as needed.
  • Performs business and residential building security checks as needed.
  • Makes recommendations to improve operational effectiveness.
  • Gives speeches and presentations to civic and other groups as a public service to promote a positive relationship with the community.
  • Maintains regular attendance.


  • Graduation from high school or equivalent is required. Any combination of experience and training that would likely provide the required knowledge and abilities is qualifying.
  • Associate’s degree is preferred.
  • Two years experience working with the public is preferred.
  • Must be at least 21 years old.
  • Must be able to qualify at the shooting range.
  • Must have a driving and criminal record free of any convictions which relate to fitness to perform the job of a police officer.
  • To be considered for hire, must be able to satisfactorily pass a medical examination, psychological examination and background investigation, and meet all conditions of employment as set forth in Chapter 139-07 of the Washington Administrative Code.
  • Must possess or obtain a Basic Law Enforcement Academy certificate issued by the State of Washington Criminal Justice Training Commission. Out of state candidates who are certified in other states must pass the CJTC equivalency examination.
  • Must possess or obtain a valid Washington driver’s license within 30 days of hire or residence.
  • Must possess or obtain a valid basic first-aid card within twelve months of hire.
  • Must possess or obtain a valid breathalyzer certificate within twelve months of hire.
  • Must possess or obtain a valid radar operator certificate within twelve months of hire.