Police Officer, Lateral

Idaho Falls, ID
Idaho Falls Police Department


  • 2 years – $28.69
  • 3 years – $29.65
  • 4 years – $30.64
  • 5 years – $31.51
  • 6 years – $31.89
  • 7 years – $32.28
  • 8 years – $32.67
  • 9 years – $33.05
  • 10 years – $33.45

Essential Functions:

  • Patrol & Traffic: Enforces all applicable city, state, laws and ordinances by apprehending, citing and arresting violators as appropriate; investigates criminal activity, gathers evidence, interviews victims, witnesses and suspects and takes appropriate action to solve case and to bring suspects before proper judicial process; investigates traffic accidents, enforces traffic and parking violations; directs traffic and assists motorists as needed; serves warrants, processes, notices, summons and subpoenas and keeps records of disposition.
  • Responds to calls for service and renders aid to distressed citizens by maintaining the peace, supplying information, and aiding in assisting the citizens as applicable.
  • Completes detailed and accurate reports of daily activities, criminal cases, arrests, traffic accidents and other cases as appropriate; presents evidence and testimony in court and other hearings as required.
  • Operates police vehicle and other department equipment in a manner that will maximize its life span and will provide the utmost safety for the officer and the public; maintains visible presence to deter and prevent crime; checks for building security and illegal activity.
  • Performs ongoing public relations to enhance the image of the department within the community; as assigned, represents the department by speaking at public meetings and schools to educate and inform citizens; presents a professional image in both appearance and demeanor.
  • Crime Prevention/Gangs/Vice/DARE: Participates in delivering program(s) unique to elementary, Junior High and High schools; focus on safety, drug awareness, alcohol (DUI), gang activity, truancy, violence, theft, vandalism, trespassing, traffic, etc.; conducts lectures, workshops, classes, or gives presentations related to criminal activity within the schools to assist school officials; educates participants and youth regarding law enforcement practices; demonstrates specialized equipment explains efficiency and effectiveness of the same.
  • Educates public regarding effective action through organized community efforts; develops and delivers domestic violence and child abuse prevention programs.
  • Performs departmental public relations functions; delivers public speeches at community gatherings, church meetings, civic meetings, schools, etc.; conducts community liquor compliance checks; acts as trainer to workers performing as servers in establishments that sell alcoholic beverages.
  • School/Campus Resource: Performs in various programs for special target populations of the community as needed to address needs, concerns, and issues pertaining to crime prevention and public relations; performs specialty resource functions by administrative assignment; enforces all applicable city, and state, laws by apprehending, citing, and arresting violators on or off school property; may monitor student activities and apprise administration of legal concerns or discipline. Conducts criminal investigations on cases involving juvenile offenders; establishes rapport with school officials, students and parents; advises students, parents and school officials in criminal matters; makes arrests as needed.
  • K-9 Officer: Works closely with specially trained Police canine to develop an effective relationship; trains canine daily and weekly in aggression, evidence search, area search, obedience, and crowd control; maintains accurate records of all training and line duty activities; maintains personal file on canine; prepares and submits reports as necessary; insures proper care and feeding, health and safety of canine; maintains accurate records of dog tag licenses and shots; performs necessary cleaning and maintenance of dog, kennel, and police vehicle.
  • Investigations/Detective: Performs initial or assigned case investigations; may be called upon to assist department detective or be assigned major case investigations, performs advanced investigations on various felony crimes; works closely with Sergeants, Lieutenants, Captains, and Police Chief in solving difficult cases; investigates, follows-up and insures completion of all cases; conducts research and pursues clues, makes telephone calls, tracks criminal histories, secures existing data information on suspects, etc. Answers business/bank complaints of financial crimes including theft, forgery, scams, bounced checks, embezzlements, bad credit and white collar crimes; alerts businesses and community of check forgeries, and short change artists; investigates use and trafficking of illegal drugs; may serve as a drug recognition expert (DRE).
  • Specialist: Receives specialized training and provides specialty services for the department; acts as a bomb technician, drug specialist, forensic analyst, crime scene analyst, SWAT, sniper, etc.
  • Airport Security: Performs law enforcement duties at the airport, terminal building, passenger screening/boarding facility and Security Identification Display area (SIDA); conducts security patrols and monitors the airport grounds and facilities ensuring security and safety requirements are being met and maintained; prepares reports and maintains records in accordance with local, State and Federal requirements; performs all airport security functions as assigned.
  • Performs related duties as required.


  • Graduation from high school or GED and current certification as a Police Officer; AND Two (2) years of experience as a police officer (which may include 1 year as a Probationary Officer).
  • Must possess a valid Idaho State driver’s license or be able to obtain one within six (6) months of hire.
  • Must be eligible to acquire and maintain Idaho POST peace officer certification.
  • May be required to be or become NASRO certified.
  • Varying shift work is required.
  • Must be a citizen of the United States or a resident alien who is legally authorized to work in the United States.
  • Not less than 21 years of age at the time of appointment.