Police Officer (Lateral)

Sherwood, OR
Sherwood Police Department

Salary: $70,761.60 – $90,292.80 Annually.

Position Summary:

As a certified Police Officer, these positions perform law enforcement and crime prevention work including discovery, investigation, report preparation and patrol to enforce state and local laws. In these important roles, the successful candidates will oversee police program areas that may require additional specialized training to include conducting trainings and orientations to volunteers, students and newly assigned personnel in a variety of policies, procedures and best practices.

Essential Functions:

1. Patrol streets, businesses and residential areas to enforce traffic and criminal laws. Issue warnings or citations for violations. Perform security checks for suspicious persons or vehicles.

2. Respond to calls, including major crimes, civil complaints, thefts, assaults, family disputes, etc., and take appropriate actions. Direct traffic at accident/crime scenes as necessary. Perform CPR/First Aid as necessary.

3. Maintain written records and prepare reports regarding investigations, which are reviewed by supervisor and used for crime prevention, prosecution and office activities. Testify in court as necessary.

4. Conduct preliminary case/incident investigations and related follow-up activities; gather and preserve evidence; interview and take statements from victims and witnesses; interrogate suspects; and, prepare related reports and logs.

5. Maintain effective working relationship between adjacent law enforcement agencies. Provide assistance and back-up as requested. Provide appropriate information to other law enforcement agencies, social service agencies, the media and citizens regarding on-going investigations, department policies, officer safety information, criminal activity, gang documentation, etc.

6. Perform crime prevention activities that include surveillance patrols and dissemination of information to the public. Participate in public relations programs that may include speaking to citizen and school groups, and public service efforts.

7. Make arrests; conduct searches; transport and release prisoners.

8. Maintain cooperative working relationships with City staff, other organizations and the general public.

9. Follow all safety rules and procedures for work areas.


  • Must currently possess a Basic Oregon Department of Public Safety Standards and Training “DPSST” certification; OR
  • Currently possess another equivalent local, state or federal certification as a Police Officer; AND
  • Completed a Field Training Program; AND
  • Possess at least one (1) year of full-time equivalent (2080 hours) work experience as a certified law enforcement professional. Required work experience must be recent and must not have occurred greater than 12 months prior to application submission.
  • Must possess a certification as a police officer by the Oregon Department of Public Safety Standards and Training (DPSST) within twelve (12) months of appointment.
  • Must be at least 21 years of age.
  • Must be a U.S. citizen.
  • Must be free of conviction of a felony crime in any jurisdiction. Dishonorable or undesirable discharge from any branch of the military normally means disqualification.
  • Applicants must pass an oral exam, background investigation, physical agility test, medical exam and psychological evaluation prior to appointment.
  • Must possess a driver’s license valid in the State of Oregon and have an acceptable driving record.

Preferred Requirements:

  • Previous college-level training or additional experience in law enforcement.
  • Knowledge of the Sherwood community and surrounding areas.
  • Additional training related to police equipment or operations, e.g. first aid, CPR, hazardous materials, firearms training, LEDS, etc.
  • Bi-lingual (Spanish/English).