Police Officer – Lateral

Forest Grove, OR
Forest Grove Police Department

Salary: $5,976.00 – $7,740.00 Monthly.

Position Summary:

The Police Officer performs a variety of duties in the enforcement of laws and the prevention of crimes; conducts investigations and provides protection to safeguard citizens’ lives and property; provides support and assistance to special department programs; and performs a variety of technical and administrative tasks relative to assigned area of responsibility.

This position is represented by the Forest Grove Police Association.

Essential Functions:

  1. The following tasks are typical for positions in this classification. Any single position may not perform all of these tasks and/or may perform similar related tasks not listed here.
  2. Perform a variety of duties in the enforcement of laws and the prevention of crimes; conduct investigations; provide protection to safeguard citizens’ lives and property.
  3. Patrol the City to preserve law and order; discover and prevent the commission of crimes and enforce traffic and other laws and ordinances; issue warnings and citations; direct traffic at fires, special events and emergency situations.
  4. Respond to general public service calls and complaints involving automobile accidents, traffic hazards, misdemeanor and felony incidents, domestic disturbances, property control, civil complaints and related incidents, missing persons, and threats to public safety or health.
  5. Conduct investigations of criminal violations and/or activities; review and analyze crime reports for pertinent facts; interview victims and witnesses; interrogate suspects; conduct visual and photographic surveillance of criminal activity; prepare and serve search and arrest warrants; apprehend and arrest offenders.
  6. Execute powers of arrest and control including full search, rights advisement and warrant execution.
  7. Perform duties using appropriate force to gain compliance from threats; defend self with or without weapons; discharge firearms.
  8. Operate emergency vehicles in hazardous road conditions and during high speed pursuits and responses.
  9. Testify in juvenile, civil, traffic, municipal and criminal courts, and parole and Department of Motor Vehicles hearings; prepare and present evidence.
  10. Participate in continuous training to enhance law enforcement skills including defensive driving skills, apprehension and arrest techniques, investigative skills and general policing skills.
  11. Maintain contact with citizens regarding potential law enforcement problems; preserve good relationships with the general public.
  12. Prepare a variety of reports on activities, operations, arrests and unusual incidents observed.
  13. As assigned, schedule, organize, plan and implement training programs; evaluate training requirements; schedule and maintain records on all mandated training; conduct training courses; evaluate program effectiveness.
  14. Perform related duties and responsibilities when assigned to specialized department areas, including gang enforcement, neighborhood watch or drug enforcement programs.
  15. Perform related duties and responsibilities as a property/evidence officer when assigned.
  16. Perform related duties and responsibilities as assigned.


  • Applicants must currently be Certified Police Officers and posses a valid basic Oregon DPSST certification.
  • Applicants must have the equivalent to high school graduation.
  • Be a United States citizen.
  • Possess a valid driver’s license.
  • Have an acceptable criminal history and driving record.
  • Be at least 21 years of age at the time of appointment.
  • College-level coursework and Spanish/English bilingualism preferred.