Police Officer (Lateral)

Concord, CA
City of Concord Police Department
Salary: $74,276.80-$99,320.00

*Annual Salary of $99,332 requires Bachelor’s Degree & Advanced P.O.S.T.

**Classic CalPERS members are eligible for tier 1 retirement**
(3% @ 50)

The City of Concord also offers Police Specialty Pay (MOU section 9.7) and a Master Police Officer and Master Police Sergeant Program (MOU section 9.10)


Signing Bonus of 5% of the offered starting annual salary (payable 50% upon satisfactory completion of six months of continuous service; balance payable after satisfactory completion of the required probation period).

Vacation and Sick Leave Pre-Accruals (frontloading first year’s accrual of vacation (80 hours) and sick leave (96 hours) upon hire.

Relocation Assistance – reimbursement of up to $2,500 in eligible expenses (offered within the first year of employment only to those candidates whose move would meet or exceed the Moving Expenses distance test specified in the Internal Revenue Code).

The Concord Police Officer is typically the first line of contact with the public on behalf of the City. A large part of the Officer’s role is to facilitate the resolution of problems by bringing together appropriate resources and to solve reoccurring problems. Community-Based policing is integrated into the traditional public safety activities of our Officers. Police Officers may be armed and may be assigned to work in uniform or plain clothes. Flexible shift schedules include 4-10 and 3-12 options, which may be changed periodically as job assignments may be rotated among patrol, traffic, criminal and juvenile investigation, radio dispatching and administrative services. Specialty assignments may add up to 5% additional pay. These assignments include Bicycle Patrol; Crime Scene Investigation; Detective (Special Victims Unit, Major Crimes Unit, Financial Crimes Unit, Special Investigations (Gangs/Drugs), and Violence Suppression Unit); Downtown Beat/Foot Patrol; Gang Unit; K-9 Unit; School Resource Officer; Community Impact Team; and Traffic. Corporals, Field Training Officers/Police Training Officers and members of the SWAT Team can also receive additional pay.

The Police Officer duties require initiative, resourcefulness and the ability to analyze situations and in emergencies, to adopt a quick, effective and responsible course of action. The work involves frequent contact with the public and requires the ability to deal with persons in tense situations where relations may be strained. Additionally, Police Officers perform related and other work as required, all within the context of the City’s Mission, Vision, and Values Statement and should hold a strong progressive customer service orientation.


  1. Patrols an assigned area by car, motorcycle, or on foot to observe, investigate and report suspicious and hazardous conditions; and apprehends and arrests law violators.
  2. Responds to routine and emergency calls for protection of persons and property and for the enforcement of City ordinances and State laws.
  3. Investigates crimes, accidents, deaths and disturbances and gathers evidence; interviews, questions, and takes statements from complainants, suspects and witnesses and completes case reports.
  4. Takes charge of juveniles and delinquents and works on cases involving unfit homes and crimes committed against or by juveniles; handles missing persons cases and works with community organizations and governmental agencies in delinquencies and delinquency control programs.
  5. Directs traffic, including regulation of vehicle flow at times of emergency or congestion; stops drivers who are operating vehicles in violation of laws; and issues citations.
  6. Appears in court to present evidence and testimony in connection with criminal prosecution.
  7. Searches, guards, transports and assists in the booking and custodial care of prisoners.
  8. Serves writs, warrants, subpoenas and other legal documents.
  9. With required State certification, may perform Paramedic duties by providing Advanced Life Support (ALS) emergency medical care.
  10. May be assigned to assist in conducting special studies of crime prevention, traffic control or other Police Department problems.
  11. Provides information and direction to the public and assists in developing community crime prevention programs and may speak before business, school, civic and social groups.