Police Officer – Lateral

Livermore, CA
Livermore Police Department

Salary range: $8,803.33 – $10,700.50 Monthly.

Position Summary:
Under direction, patrols an assigned area to protect life and property, prevent crime, maintain order, and enforce laws, ordinances and constitutional mandates; performs investigative work in detection of crime; performs public service tasks; and other duties as assigned.
Essential Functions:

Field Functions:

  • Patrols an assigned area of the City by vehicle, foot, or as designated by the supervisor; maintains law and order; responds to emergencies as directed over the radio and telephone; conducts investigations of complaints and crime reports to determine if a crime has been committed; investigates traffic accidents; administers first aid and gives assistance to the injured; makes arrests; serves subpoenas and warrants; guards prisoners; questions suspects; notes and reports unsafe conditions; prepares evidence and appears in court; searches for stolen property and lost persons; provides directions and information to the public regarding laws, ordinances, traffic safety, and available public services and resources; issues citations of traffic violators; analyzes facts, clues, and evidence and makes investigations to determine the identity of law violators and to locate their whereabouts; maintains effective working relationships with other law enforcement agencies, employees, and the public; operates radio and other communication equipment; protects life, property, public order, and the constitutional rights of all citizens; and takes notes from verbal communication.

Administrative Functions:

  • Writes and prepares reports and completes forms at a rapid rate of speed; collects and gathers data and information using electronic and other resources; and uses computers to perform various functions.


  • Basic English grammar, composition, spelling, punctuation, and report writing techniques; basic mathematics; effective communication and public speaking techniques; problem solving techniques; effective interpersonal relations; computer operating systems and software applications.
  • Experience working in a police program or police department is desirable.
  • Equivalent to graduation from high school. College courses related to law enforcement are desirable.
  • Possession of a valid California Driver’s license and a satisfactory driving record as determined by the City.
  • 21 years old at swearing in.