Police Officer (Lateral)

Sacramento, CA
Sacramento Police Department

$77,219.20 – $103,481.11 Annually

You must have experience as a Police Officer with a law enforcement agency or be in possession of a valid P.O.S.T Basic Certificate or Basic Course Waiver issued by the State of California received within three (3) years of the date of appointment as well as meet the educational requirements as applicable to qualify for this position.


Depending upon assignments, duties may include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Patrol a designated area of the city on foot, on a motorcycle, or in a patrol car, jeep or van to preserve order, prevent crime discover criminal acts, and make arrests.
  • Answer radio dispatched or citizens’ request for police services at accident scenes, domestic disputes, law violations, and peace disturbances.
  • Conduct investigations, gather evidence, interview witnesses, take statements, make arrests, write citations and/or make written reports at crime or accident scenes.
  • Promote and ensure a community-based policing philosophy and strategy, in which collaborative problem solving with citizens and other stakeholders is coveted.
  • Attend, participate, and represent the department at a variety of community events; participate in community engagement activities; build and maintain relationships with community members.
  • Provide first aid to injured or sick subjects.
  • Testify in court at criminal hearings and trials.
  • Provide traffic control at accident scenes, fires, and congested areas.
  • May work in plain clothes to conduct follow-up investigations, and to suppress vice or narcotics activities.
  • Conduct line-ups for identification of suspects.
  • Attend community meetings to discuss crime problems.
  • Evaluate and control violent situations and persons; emphasize de-escalation tactics when appropriate.


Must be at least 21 years of age by the date of appointment.

Must be a citizen of the United States by the date of appointment.

Driver License:
Possession of a valid California Class C Driver license at the time of appointment. Loss of the license is cause for discipline.