Police Officer II

Galveston, TX
 University of Texas Medical Branch Police Department 

To provide, service, information, and aid to all citizens as circumstances require; prevent crime, suppress disturbance, investigate criminal offenses, and arrest offenders.

Salary Range
Starting Pay for Police Officer II: $52,800

Police Career Ladder:

Police Officer II: $52,800 (2 – 4 years Police Officer experience)

Police Officer II: $56,100 (5 – 7 years experience)

Police Officer II: $60,000 (8 – 10 years experience)

Police Officer II: $63,000 (11 + years of experience)

Police Officer II: $66,000 (20+ years of experience)

TCOLE Certification Incentive Pay up to $1,620 annually

Education Pay up to $1,140 annually



Serves as the Campus Security Authority.

Perform law enforcement duties on the property under the control and jurisdiction of The University of Texas Medical Branch. Preserve the peace by the use of all lawful means, interceding, when authorized by law to prevent or suppress crime. Provide service, information, and directions to students, employees, and visitors. Execute all lawful process. Arrest offenders with and without warrant when authorized by law. Investigate criminal offenses to detect and arrest criminals, recover stolen or lost property. Attempt to locate missing persons. Enforce traffic law by detecting violations, making violator contact, placing violator in custody or using citations or warning. Investigate motor vehicle collisions. Prepare reports on all activities, filing them with supervising officer. Identify potential security and safety hazards. Perform related duties as assigned.

Proficiency in all phases of duties performed. Must demonstrate logical, effective problem solving ability. Must be able to provide creditable testimony in court of law.

Holds a Peace Office Commission, issued by the Director of Police, The University of Texas System.


High school or equivalent. Must possess an Intermediate Certificate issued by the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement. At least two years experience as a full time commissioned police officer. Must hold a Peace Officer Commission - UT System, a Valid Texas Class C Driver's License.