Police Officer I

Salt Lake City, UT
The University of Utah

Pay Rate Range 27.00 to 30.38
Close Date 10/04/2022

Job Summary
Performs a wide variety of law enforcement functions, including but not limited to: patrol, security, investigations, criminal gang activity, crime prevention, surveillance, and other law enforcement related duties. Utilizes proper skills to ensure the safety and security of people, property, and equipment throughout the University community. Officers work a variety of hours which may require overtime or on-call assignments.

1.      Responds to emergency and non-emergency calls, i.e., thefts, accidents, assaults. Gives assistance, assesses, and remedies the situation as appropriate; files a written report.
2.      Conducts or assists in a variety of criminal and civil and traffic-related investigations by applying specialized skills, gathering evidence, and protecting the crime scene.
3.      Assists the criminal intelligence operation by gathering information from other law enforcement agencies, confidential informants, or the general public to provide substantiated facts.
4.      Takes initial reports/complaints, prepares written reports and maintains detailed and accurate records for files, follow-up investigations, and court purposes.
5.      Performs surveillance in high-risk or known crime areas in order to apprehend suspects involved in criminal activity.
6.      Obtains and serves search/arrest warrants as well as apprehends suspects; performs warrantless searches and seizures as necessary.
7.      Interviews and interrogates witnesses/suspects to acquire relevant information.
8.      Prepares cases for local, State, and Federal prosecutors; testifies and gives evidence in court.
9.      Participates in the motorist assist program to promote a positive public image, i.e., helping people who are locked out of their cars, have dead car batteries, flat tires, etc.
10.   Maintains issued equipment and supplies.

Minimum Qualifications
* Certification as a Utah Post LEO (Law Enforcement Officer) or willing to attend Utah Peace Officer Standards and Training Course (POST)
* United States citizen on the date of appointment
* A valid Utah Driver’s License to be obtained upon date of hire.
* Considerable human relation and communication skills
* Qualified applicants must successfully complete the department approved physical fitness test, a thorough background investigation, and must be willing to submit to a drug screening test
* Bachelor’s degree in Criminology, Police Science, or a related area is preferred