Police Officer I

Suffolk, VA
City of Suffolk Police Department

Under general supervision performs general and specialized law enforcement work for the City Police Department. Work involves protecting lives, property, and rights of the public; investigating criminal activity; serving criminal process papers; and assisting in community functions. Employee is also responsible for preparing files, reports and records and testifying in court. Employee must exercise tact and firmness in frequent public contact. Employee is expected to exercise independent judgment and initiative in performing assigned tasks. The employee is subject to the usual hazards of law enforcement work.



$42,371.00 Annually


11/7/2021 at 11:59 PM Eastern Time (US & Canada)


• Patrols an assigned area of the City using a police vehicle to detect and deter criminal activities; monitors radio calls; inspects troublesome areas and checks security of business establishments; answers complaint calls and investigates crimes and disturbances; interviews witnesses; gathers evidence and transports to the lab; interrogates suspects and makes arrests; prepares investigation reports.
• Serves legal papers such as summons and warrants and civil process papers; explains briefly the meaning of the papers served and makes arrests when necessary.
• Must be able to provide credible testimony in a court of law.
• Prepares various reports and forms such as case files, offense reports, accident reports, tow sheets and cards, property vouchers, lab requests, etc.
• Receives and handles citizen complaints and inquiries.
• Transports prisoners and mental patients as required; serves mental papers.
• Investigates accidents; performs first aid; secures and clears accident scenes; directs traffic; investigates fatalities of accidents.
• Investigates misdemeanor and felony crimes; conducts building checks; reports traffic hazards.
• Processes minor crime scenes including collecting, packaging, and vouchering evidence, photographing, and sketching; prepares felony case reports.
• Monitors vehicle speeds with radar; conducts criminal and driving checks; issues summons for violations; operates breathalyzer machine.
• Conducts surveillance using relevant techniques.
• Assists State and Federal agencies in conducting various investigations; prepares affidavits and search warrants; testifies in court.
• Teaches programs based on topic areas of assigned units; prepares visual aids, lesson plans, handouts, etc.; participates in extracurricular activities; builds a rapport with program participants to accomplish program intent.
• Performs duties relating to the recruitment of new officers; coordinates and participates in training sessions; administers physical agility tests; coordinates appointments for oral review board, polygraph and employment physicals; conducts background checks.
• Answers confidential "crime line" public access phone for reporting crime and other information; provides reports to crime stoppers international; maintains records of calls received and numbers calls; meets with Board on approval of the "crime line".
• Acts as media contact; provides interviews and materials to the media; attends major media functions.
• Orders and issues uniforms and equipment for departmental personnel.
• Processing arrest information; notes warrant has been executed; updates communications division files.
• Retrieves warrants from magistrate's office and the courts; assigns warrant number; logs warrants in warrant book; prepares card for communications division files; files warrants; purges felony and misdemeanor warrants as required by law; executes state and local criminal warrants.
• Coordinates policing efforts with civic leagues and community groups; attends civic league and PTA meetings; participates in community functions; acts as liaison between schools and Police Department.
• Monitors interior and exterior of school buildings; develops a rapport between police and students to deter crime in schools.
• Prepares brochures and other documents to promote the Police Department.
• Counsels teachers, students, parents, etc.; maintains security during school events.
• Teaches boating safety and conducts marine patrol.

Educational requirements:

Graduation from high school, or GED
Must possess a valid driver's license.