Police Officer I

Hamilton, OH
MetroParks of Butler County

Salary: $21.22 – $25.46 Hourly.

Position Summary:

Performs duties as a uniformed law enforcement officer responsible to enforce federal/state/local laws and MetroParks Rules & Regulations within and adjacent to MetroParks property and facilities. Patrols park areas to prevent, deter, and detect criminal offenses, and to conduct public safety related duties. Directs and controls traffic. Assists park visitors, issues motor vehicle and camping permits and provides information about park programs and activities. Serves as a secure courier for funds.

Essential Functions:

  • Enforces federal, state, and local laws & ordinances and MetroParks Rules & Regulations in a fair and consistent manner in accordance with established MetroParks policies and department procedures.
  • Provides for the safety and welfare of the citizens and park visitors throughout all MetroParks areas and facilities by undertaking uniformed patrol of MetroParks owned, managed, and controlled properties, facilities, and the adjacent lands by foot, bicycle, motor vehicle, and/or ATV (APV).
  • Properly maintains and employs law enforcement equipment including, but not limited to firearms, impact weapons, chemical irritants, restraint devices, flashlights, and other authorized items.
  • Responds to calls for service from citizens, park visitors, and employees of MetroParks and, pursuant to policy and/or statute, surrounding jurisdictions.
  • Investigates crimes, accidents, and non-criminal incidents. Takes appropriate actions to isolate crime scenes and accident locations to preserve evidence, protect park visitors, employees and MetroParks property.
  • Prepares and submits various reports to document incidents, activities, and findings. Uses criminal justice networks and databases. Prepares duty logs and other documents as required for internal organizational use.
  • Conducts preliminary investigation of crimes committed within and adjacent to MetroParks properties and facilities. Assists with, or conducts, follow-up investigations as assigned.
  • Performs physical security checks of gates and facilities. Arms and disarms alarm systems as necessary.
  • Conducts safety inspections of structures, grounds, trails, play equipment and other MetroParks facilities. Reports and documents violations and/or excessive visitor or employee risk. Files safety inspection reports in a timely manner.
  • Serves as secure courier to facilitate the movement of interoffice documents and funds, makes bank deposits and accounts for cash, receipts and other property as assigned.
  • Performs routine maintenance on vehicles and property assigned to the Division of Police which may include car washes, oil changes, tire changes, and preventive maintenance and care.
  • Performs minor maintenance of MetroParks property and equipment such as installation and maintenance of signs, maintaining access roads, repair of gates, and clearing trails/trailheads to ensure public safety and accessibility.
  • Makes recommendations to command officers regarding changes or improvements in procedures and operations; testifies in court; performs any other duties necessary and required for the safety and protection of the citizens, employees, natural resources, and personal property within the MetroParks.
  • Operates numerous types of vehicles and equipment including, but not limited to, sedans, trucks, sport utility vehicles, bicycles, all-purpose vehicles, all-terrain vehicles, utility multi-use vehicles, tractors, skid-steers, chainsaws, and hand tools. Uses all required personal protective equipment.
  • Successfully completes the MetroParks Division of Police Field Training and Evaluation Program within the timeframe established by policy.
  • Performs other duties as assigned.


  • A High school diploma or GED required, minimum of 21 years of age at the time of employment, competent knowledge of Ohio Revised Code and state/federal regulations applicable to park law enforcement.
  • Must possess a current and valid peace officer certification issued by the Ohio Peace Officers Training Council. Ability to obtain and maintain LEADS/NCIC certification within 30 days of employment. Required to maintain peace officer and LEADS/NCIC certifications continuously while employed as a law enforcement officer.
  • Must possess and continuously maintain a valid driver’s license with a driving record that meets MetroParks’ insurance requirements. Candidates for employment may not have more than four (4) total points (or equivalent penalty) issued by a recognized licensing authority for driving related violations on his/her driving record at the time of employment under existing coverage provisions at the time of employment.
  • Obtain American Heart Association or American Red Cross First Aid/CPR/AED certification within first six months of employment and maintain continuously while employed as a Police Officer.
  • Good character with no felony convictions or misdemeanor crimes of domestic violence at the time of employment and continuously while employed as a Police Officer.
  • Must submit to and successfully pass a screening to detect illegal substances (drugs) upon employment and periodically thereafter.
  • Successfully complete a psychological evaluation, medical evaluation, and a comprehensive background check to include a polygraph/cvsa examination with no deception indicated immediately prior to initial employment as a Police Officer with MetroParks.