Police Officer – Entry

Redmond, WA
Redmond Police Department
Salary: $69,036.00-$79,968.00

Department: Redmond Police Department

More than anything, it’s our people that make us great.  Our people bring unique skills and qualities to the table, and embrace the Redmond Police Department’s values of respect, professionalism, dedication, leadership, commitment to service, integrity, and accountability –and love working collaboratively to take our City to even greater heights.

Our employees thrive in an environment where thinking creatively, taking chances and trying new things are the status quo. It’s what’s helping to make Redmond the ideal place to live, work, play and invest. Take a spin around our website and discover how the City of Redmond can make your next career move a great one.

Police Officer candidates will enjoy our professional and healthy work environment, dedicated resources for training and equipment, and career opportunities. Our Patrol Division offers a good balance of calls for service and case follow-up, which makes for a well-rounded officer.

Application Process:

The City contracts with Public Safety Testing (PST) to provide testing for the Entry Police Officer position. We recommend that candidates first apply with Public Safety Testing at www.publicsafetytesting.com. Once you have your PST scores, then apply via www.redmond.gov/jobs by clicking the “Apply Now” button. This is a continuous recruitment and the City and PST applications will be screened as openings occur.


The following are some of the position responsibilities; please go here to see the complete Police Officer classification description.

  • Provide quality customer service to the community and internal department members as well as provides emergency aid, security and protection to the citizens of Redmond
  • Patrol business and residential areas
  • Respond to requests for information and assistance
  • Investigate criminal activity
  • Engage in long-term solution oriented activities which enhance the safety and wellbeing of residents
  • Ensure the proper enforcement of laws and regulations.
  • Provides formal and informal leadership on a daily basis and creates a positive work environment for organizational members.

Desired Skills:

A Police Officer requires:

Knowledge of:

  • Federal, State, county and City laws, regulations and ordinances as they pertain to law enforcement duties and responsibilities.

Skill in:

  • Observation and the ability to remember names, faces and details of incidents.
  • Use and care of firearms, motor vehicles and other police related equipment.

Ability to:

  • Identify problems and take reasonable steps to initiate course(s) of action designed to provide long-term solutions.
  • Function effectively in a "teamwork" environment and make those contributions as may be necessary to meet team goals, objectives, and performance measures.
  • Cope with situations firmly, courteously and tactfully, with respect for the rights of others.


The City of Redmond Police Department will automatically disqualify any individual who has at any time:

  • Been convicted of a felony (or pled nolo contendere to a felony charge) or any offense that would be a felony if committed in Washington State, or has been incarcerated for any crime.
  • Sold marijuana, narcotics or dangerous drugs.
  • All illegal drug use will be closely scrutinized on a case by case basis.
  • Had a pattern of abusing prescription medication.
  • Been dishonorably discharged from the United States armed forces.
  • Received more than two moving traffic violations within the preceding 3 years; or reckless driving violation within the preceding 5 years; or driving while license suspended within the preceding 5 years; or driving while intoxicated within the preceding five years.
  • Been involved in more than one motor vehicle accident within the preceding 3 years for which the applicant received a traffic or criminal citation and was convicted, forfeited bail, or entered a plea of "guilty" or "nolo contendere."
  • Been previously employed as a law enforcement agent and since has committed or violated federal, state or city laws pertaining to criminal activity.
  • Committed any serious violation of Federal, State, City or County laws.
  • Lied during any stage of the hiring process.
  • Falsified his or her personal history questionnaire or application, or failed to disclose pertinent information.
  • Been convicted of any crime under a domestic violence statue.
  • Unlawful sexual misconduct.

Discretionary Disqualifiers:
The following disqualifiers may, upon review by the Redmond Police Department, make you ineligible to become a City of Redmond Police Officer:

  • Alcohol or substance misuse and/or abuse.
  • Excessive traffic violations.
  • Commission of a felony.
  • A demonstrated unwillingness to honor fiscal contracts or just debts.
  • Any other conduct or pattern of conduct that would tend to disrupt, diminish, or otherwise jeopardize public trust in the law enforcement profession.
  • An inability to perform the essential functions of a Police Officer