Police Officer-Entry Level

Santa Barbara, CA
Santa Barbara Police Department
Salary: $78,242

Under close supervision, learns law enforcement and crime prevention procedures and techniques during attendance at a 24-week P.O.S.T.-certified academy through classroom and physical training. Upon successful completion of the academy, incumbents will be promoted to the position of Police Officer and be expected to perform the following duties: Patrol assigned area in police car, on motorcycle or on foot enforcing Federal, State and Municipal laws and ordinances; issue warnings and citations for violations; respond to a variety of calls for public service; maintain constant radio contact with communications center; conduct preliminary investigations; testify in court; apprehend, arrest, and book suspects; and do other work as required. The Santa Barbara Police Department supports community-oriented policing.

Salary: $78,242 Annually
Increases to:
$82,654-$100,467 Annually
(After successful completion of 24-week Police Academy, candidate may be eligible for POST pay $396/mo, specialty pay 2% – 6% of salary, uniform allowance $1,038/yr.) Hiring bonus up to $12,000 – HIRING INCENTIVE BONUS PROGRAM IS SUSPENDED. Candidates who submit an application after December 2, 2016 will not be eligible for the hiring bonus.


Knowledge of: Basic oral and written communication skills including grammar, punctuation, and spelling required for report writing, verbal explanations of the law, and court testimony.

Ability to: Meet the physical and psychological standards required; make accurate observations; read, understand, and follow written and oral directions and established police procedures; learn to deal tactfully and effectively with individuals in the community while explaining and enforcing laws; learn to document and communicate details and recognize hazards and crime problems; learn the applicable Federal, State, and Municipal Codes and motor vehicle codes; learn basic Police Officer standards of conduct and public relations; learn maintenance of firearms and all police related equipment; learn to think and act quickly in emergency situations; learn to assess situations accurately and to apply interpersonal skills and police training to diffuse and/or resolve stressful or potentially volatile situations.

License Requirement: Applicants must possess a California Driver's License at time of appointment.

Age: Applicants must be at least 21 years of age at time of appointment.

Physical: Weight proportionate to height, normal hearing and color vision; at least 20/100 vision, correctable to 20/25 (20/200 correctable to 20/25 with soft contact lenses); excellent health. Must also meet physical and psychological standards required to perform Police Officer duties.

Education: High school graduation or equivalent.

Other Requirements: No history of personal or criminal conducts which may affect suitability for employment as a Police Officer; the ability to speak Spanish is highly desirable.