Police Officer Entry Level

Manchester, CT
Town of Manchester

Applications closing on June 30, 2023, 04:30 PM

Starting salary $65,329.54


  • Responds to calls.
  • Perform searches of persons, vehicles, and various types of premises.
  • Drive motor vehicles under emergency and non-emergency circumstances.
  • May administer first aid, patrol assigned area.
  • Identify, warn, arrest or cite offenders for traffic, non-traffic, and parking offenses.
  • Transport prisoners.
  • Assist elderly, disabled, or stranded motorists.
  • Check condition/status of assigned patrol equipment. Investigate traffic accidents and aid the injured.
  • Collect physical evidence from accident scenes.
  • Enforce traffic and parking laws and ordinances.

MINIMUM TRAINING AND EXPERIENCE Must possess an Associate’s Degree, 60 college credits or two years of full-time active military service with an honorable discharge or continued service in the reserve force. Must possess a valid Connecticut motor vehicle operator’s license. Must meet the eligibility requirements of the Municipal Police Training Council.