Police Officer Commissioned (POST Certified)

Bozeman, MT
Montana State University

The mission of the University Police Department (UPD) is to provide the students, employees and visitors at Montana State University-Bozeman with a safe and secure environment for living and learning. It is the responsibility of every UPD member to consistently seek and find ways to affirmatively promote preserve and deliver security, safety and quality services to members of our community.

A Police Officer Commissioned (POC) is a Peace Officer Standards & Training (POST) Certified Montana Police Officer who is assigned to either patrol or investigative functions. These officers assist with providing law enforcement and security for the Montana State University community.

This position is for certified applicants only.

Salary Starts at at $26.80 per hour, commensurate with experience, education, and qualifications


1. Conduct vehicle patrol operations, including:
• Safely and legally operate a police vehicle and equipment such as radar, mobile data terminal, in-car camera, records management system, etc.
• Detect and take enforcement action on observed violations of the law.
• Conduct traffic accident investigations.
• Conduct DUI investigations and maintain required certifications.
2. Conduct foot, bike, or alternate means of patrol that include detecting, deterring and investigating criminal activities, identifying unsecured buildings, MSU policy violations, and parking violations.
3. Detect and deter crime and apprehend those who violate State, local, and Federal laws as well as University policies.
4. Write comprehensive reports that clearly articulate relevant facts and support the elements of the criminal offense.
5. Demonstrate proficiency with computer skills including Windows based computer software skills and a records management system.
6. Interview victims, suspects, and witnesses to obtain information necessary to determine facts and circumstances of incidents.
7. Preserve crime scenes, collect and photograph evidence, and properly secure evidence maintaining chain of custody.
8. Respond to fire and medical emergencies and provide assistance as required.
9. Participate in crime prevention programs such as Adopt-A-Cop.
10. Conduct crime and safety awareness presentations.
11. Provide and maintain the ability to provide credible testimony in a court of law.



Required Qualifications – Experience, Education, Knowledge & Skills

1. Meet peace officer education and certification standards as set forth by the Montana Code annotated 7-32-303.
2. Meet Montana Peace Officer Standards and Training (POST) certification requirements through one of the following:
• Possess a current Montana POST certification for sworn law enforcement officer.
• Possess a current out-of-state equivalent certification and the ability to obtain Montana POST certification within one year.

Preferred Qualifications – Experience, Education, Knowledge & Skills 

1.  Knowledge and experience with the use of firearms.
2. Experience participating in community service programs and/or events.