Police Officer (Certified)

Gainesville, TX
Gainesville Police Department

Salary: $56,265.00 – $124,297.16.

Position Summary:

To perform law enforcement and crime prevention work; to control traffic flow and enforce State and local traffic regulations; to perform investigative work and other special assignments; and to perform a variety of technical and administrative tasks in support of the Department. This is a sworn position.

Essential Functions:

  • Patrol a designated area of the City to preserve law and order, discover and prevent the commission of crimes, and enforce traffic and other laws and ordinances.
  • Serve as a Marine Safety Enforcement Officer as assigned; patrol the designated area at Moss Lake to preserve law and order, discover and prevent the commission of crimes and enforce all laws and ordinances.
  • Answer calls and complaints involving automobile accidents, misdemeanors and felonies.
  • Respond to general public service calls including domestic disturbances, civil complaints, property control, and related incidents.
  • Collect, process, photograph and present evidence using scientific techniques including fingerprints, fibers, blood, and related physical evidence.
  • Check buildings for physical security.
  • Serve as Field Training Officer as assigned; train new officers on departmental policies, procedures and activities.
  • Enforce traffic laws and ordinances; issue warnings and citations; direct traffic at fire, special events, and other emergency or congested situations.
  • Conduct investigations of non-injury, serious injury and fatality traffic accidents; conduct general traffic surveys.
  • Conduct a variety of criminal investigations involving crimes against persons and property, auto theft, whitecollar crime, and narcotics; gather evidence and prepare cases for prosecution.
  • Identify suspects; conduct interviews and interrogations; apprehend and arrest offenders.
  • Contact and interview victims and witnesses; preserve and investigate crime scenes.
  • Conduct covert, undercover investigations as assigned.
  • Contact and cooperate with other law enforcement agencies in matters relating to the apprehension of offenders and the investigation of offenses.
  • Maintain contact with citizens regarding potential law enforcement problems and preserve good relationships
    with the general public; take an active role in areas of public education and relative to crime and crime prevention.
  • May assist with a variety of special projects, as assigned, accident reconstruction, and water rescues.
  • May assist with the testing of weapons; may participate in reloading ammunition.
  • Assist in the performance of special investigative and crime prevention duties as required.
  • Prepare reports on arrests made, activities performed and unusual incidents observed.
  • Prepare and deliver a variety of presentations concerning law enforcement, crime, and crime prevention if
    assigned; serve as the liaison between the Police Department and the public concerning crime and its prevention if assigned.
  • Make arrests as necessary; interview victims, complainants and witnesses; interrogate suspects; gather and
    preserve evidence; testify and present evidence in court.
  • Serve warrants within the department and with outside agencies; remain current on laws and procedures required for processing warrants.
  • Assist with the conduct of community presentations and instruct assigned classes.


  • Must be a U.S. Citizen.
  • Must be TCOLE certified or in the process of obtaining the certification.
  • Education equivalent to the completion of the twelfth grade supplemented by specialized training in police science, criminal justice administration or a related field.
  • Possession of a valid driver’s license and proof of liability insurance.
  • Driving record should reflect prudence and maturity.
  • Must never have been convicted of or received community supervision for a Class A Misdemeanor or Felony.
  • Must not have been convicted of or received community supervision for a Class B Misdemeanor within the past 10 years.
  • Former military personnel must not have received a dishonorable or other discharge based on misconduct which bars future military service.
  • Must have a stable credit history, family background and employment background.
  • Must reside within one (1) hour drive time of the department to meet department response time requirement.