Police Officer Certified

Ruidoso, NM
Village of Ruidoso

Salary: $45,760.00 – $61,089.60 Annually.

Position Summary:

Under general supervision, performs a variety of routine police work for the Ruidoso Police Department, on an assigned shift. Non-exempt FLSA

This position patrols the Village on an assigned shift in a radio-equipped vehicle to preserve law and order, including checking businesses and residences, discovering and preventing the commission of crimes, and enforcing state and municipal laws and ordinances.

Essential Functions:

  • Checks for traffic hazards and illegal or unsafe activities.
  • Responds to calls for assistance, including traffic accidents, assaults, fights, alarms, domestic disturbances, thefts, and other criminal or civil complaints.
  • Works to strengthen police/community relations and as assigned accomplishes this by using avenues such as foot or bike patrol, and responds to questions/requests from the public.
  • Intervenes in disputes, apprehends suspects, makes arrests, issues citations, identifies witnesses, conducts investigations, collects evidence, assists injured persons, and re-establishes law and order at the scene.
  • Conducts follow-up investigations.
  • Preserves crime scenes.
  • Books arrested persons in accordance with state, federal, and departmental procedures.
  • Types complaints, affidavits, warrants, writes reports, processes evidence.
  • Presents cases and testifies in court.


  • Certified New Mexico Patrol Officer or Certified in another state and eligible for the 3 week NM waiver program.
  • Must be able to establishing and maintaining routine working relationships with citizens, public officials, outside agencies, businesses, and employees.
  • Must possess and maintain valid New Mexico motor vehicle operator’s permit of appropriate classification and endorsement as required. Must agree to maintain a satisfactory MVR and minimum requirement of insurability as required by law. MVR background checks will be conducted by the Village.
  • Must be 21 years of age for Police Officer or 21 years of age by graduation from the NMLEA, 18 years of age for Telecommunications Officer or other civilian staff.
  • Must have a valid driver’s license.
  • Must be a United States citizen.
  • Must have a high school diploma or GED.
  • For Police Officer or Telecommunications Officer, you must have the ability to become a certified law enforcement officer or certified Telecommunications Officer in the State of New Mexico within one year.
  • No use of Marijuana in any form, or any product that contains THC within one (1) year of the application date.
  • No use in the last five (5) years of any illegal drug that would amount to a felony crime if found in possession. This includes felony prescription drugs, hallucinogens, spice, bath salts, or inhalants.
  • Have no felony convictions. Criminal activity in which applicant has been convicted of, pled guilty to, or entered a plea of nolo contendere (no contest) to any felony charge, or been involved in any pre-prosecution diversion program (PPD) as adjudicated for a felony crime committed will be permanently disqualified. Any person whose conviction has been set aside, deferred, or dismissed as a part of a conditional discharge shall be considered to have been convicted.
  • Have no misdemeanor convictions within the last three (3) years preceding their initial date of application. Any convictions within that time frame where the candidate has been convicted, pled guilty to, or entered a plea of nolo contendere (no contest) will be reviewed on an individual basis and may be cause for disqualification. This does not include traffic offenses.
  • Crimes of perjury, filing a false report, impersonating an officer, or domestic violence will be permanent disqualifiers. Any person whose conviction has been set aside, deferred, or dismissed as a part of a conditional discharge shall be considered to have been convicted.
  • No DWI convictions within the last three (3) years, or two or more DWI’s in the most recent ten (10) year period.
  • Must not have been discharged from the United States Armed Forces under Dishonorable conditions.
  • After examination by a licensed physician, is free of any physical condition that might adversely affect his performance as a police officer or prohibit him from successfully completing a prescribed basic law enforcement training required by the Law Enforcement Training Act.
  • Is of good moral character.
  • Shall not falsify or omit any information from the application.

Preferred Requirements:

  • Two years of experience as a Certified Patrol Officer preferred.