Police Officer (Cadet)

Chillicothe, OH
Chillicothe Police Department

Salary: $18.28 Hourly

Job Objectives: (Nature of Work)

  • Investigate complaints, crimes, and traffic crashes.
  • Appropriate use of division facilities and equipment.
  • Enforcement of City Ordinances, state and federal laws and other regulations.
  • Writing reports for input to division records system.
  • Perform public relations activities.
  • Maintain relationships with external agencies.
  • Maintain personal and professional competence and awareness.

Required Experience and Training: (Educational requirements, special license and any other certificate).

  • High school diploma or G.E.D. equivalent
  • Must be 21 years of age at time of hiring
  • Must successfully complete Basic Peace Officer Certification Training within one year of hiring and at time offered.