Police Officer (Cadet)

Chillicothe, OH
Chillicothe Police Department

$18.28 Hourly

Job Objectives:

  • Investigate complaints, crimes, and traffic crashes.
  • Ensure appropriate use of division facilities and equipment.
  • Enforce City Ordinances, state and federal laws, and other regulations.
  • Write reports for input to the division records system.
  • Engage in public relations activities.
  • Maintain relationships with external agencies.
  • Continuously maintain personal and professional competence and awareness.

Job Standards

  • Eyesight correctable to 20-20.
  • Hearing correctable to normal range and adequate for use on standard telephone.
  • Capable of speaking to individuals or large groups of English-speaking persons and being understood.
  • Capable of climbing tall ladder, fence, earthen bank; running at average speed for a reasonable distance of two or three city blocks; lifting weights of eighty pounds or more to the waist.
  • Demonstrated ability to safely drive an automobile with automatic transmission.
  • Capable of reading, understanding, and remembering information from printed or handwritten materials.
  • Capable of performing calculations (addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, percentages, fractions, and other algebraic formulae) and properly counting U.S. currency and change.
  • Capable of writing, spelling, printing, and typing English to a high degree of grammatical correctness to convey the correct idea or intention to the reader.