Police Officer

Rosenberg, TX
Rosenberg Police Department


Under general supervision, performs a wide variety of duties for the prevention of crimes, traffic control, and enforcement of state and local regulations. Issues citation, participates in and conducts a variety of criminal investigations, makes arrests, provides support and assistance to special crime prevention and law enforcement programs to ensure the safety and security of City streets, buildings, residences, and neighborhoods. Performs a variety of technical and administrative tasks in support of law enforcement services and activities.


$57,428.80 – $78,852.80 Annually


8/31/2021 11:59 PM Central


• Provide public safety by maintaining order, responding to emergencies, protecting people and property, enforcing motor vehicle and criminal laws
• Enforcement of Federal, City, County, and State Laws
• Identify, pursue, and arrest suspects and perpetrators of criminal acts and takes appropriate action, which may include the use of deadly or non-deadly force
• Provide security checks of residential, business, and public premises and recommend methods to effectively make structures more secure; maintain awareness of and remains alert for wanted suspects, known criminals, stolen vehicles, missing person, traffic violators, and crimes in progress
• Conduct both preliminary and follow-up investigations of disturbances, prowlers, burglaries, thefts, holdups, vehicle accidents, death, and other criminal incidents
• Foster relationships and direct traffic at special events and other emergency situations, provide traffic and crowd control at events, provide security at City Council meetings and other City functions
• Prepare, develop and present programs and materials related to crime prevention and education to law enforcement officers, City Staff and public groups of all age levels
• Conduct investigations at scenes of incidents to which summoned or incidents observed, determine what, if any, crime has been committed. Identify, collect, preserve, process, and book evidence, locate and interview victims and witnesses, identify and interrogate suspects.
• Prepare and serve search warrants and subpoenas, apprehend and arrest offenders for crimes committed under federal, state, and local laws and codes
• Interview victims, and witnesses; interrogate suspects; gather and preserve evidence; testify and present evidence in court
• Contact and cooperate with other law enforcement agencies for mutual aid in the suppression of civil disturbances, apprehension of criminals, or related requests
• Initiate and complete administrative reports, legal documents, and other required paperwork
• Receive, search, book, fingerprint, and transport prisoners
• Testify in courts and at hearings, prepare and present case evidence, respond to mandatory court calls during irregular hours
• Serve as liaison and promotes good community relations public relations establishing and preserving good relationships with the general public
• Participate in continuous training to enhance law enforcement skills including firearms proficiency, defensive driving skills, apprehension and arrest techniques, investigative skills, and general law enforcement skills
• Attend meetings, maintain and calibrate specialized equipment
• Ability to work the allocated hours of the position, and be willing to report for duty on short notice at any hour of the day or night
• Performs other duties as assigned within the scope and responsibilities of the position



• Graduation from an accredited Police Academy.
• Valid Texas Driver's License
• Appointment will be conditional upon successful completion of the following pre-employment checks:
• Criminal background check based upon TCOLE Requirements
• No conviction, guilty plea, court-ordered community service/probation, or deferred adjudication for a Class A misdemeanor or a felony.
• During last ten (10) years, has not been convicted, plead guilty, been on community service/probation or deferred adjudication for a Class B misdemeanor in this state, other state, or while serving in the military.
• No convictions of family violence
• Controlled substance screening
• Physical readiness examination
• Psychological examination
• Polygraph examination
• Basic Peace Officer Certification from the Texas Commission on Law Enforcement (TCOLE)
• If Challenging TCOLE based on Military experience, you must be Licensed before application