Police Officer

Little Elm, TX
Little Elm Police Department

Salary: $70,870 / yearly.

Position Summary:

The Patrol Officer is responsible for a variety of duties that are necessary to fulfill the Police Department’s mission. All duties must be performed in an effective, efficient and safe manner that will foster the public’s confidence and trust. This position demands special qualifications and proficiency in certain skills and abilities of a physical, mental and technical nature. As a condition of employment in the status of this position, all patrol officers must be able to perform the entire list of duties as outlined in this job description. In addition you must be motivated to accept new challenges and finding creative solutions, take ownership and pride by demonstrating the Town of Little Elm’s Core Values of Integrity, Customer Service, Efficiency and Innovation.

Essential Functions:

  1. Tests equipment for proper operation.
  2. Transports evidence/property/people.
  3. Utilizes laptop computers to enter offense reports.
  4. Administers first aid and initiates basic life support (CPR).
  5. Aids lost/stranded people.
  6. Answers inquiries about laws and legal procedures.
  7. Applies crime prevention techniques.
  8. Applies for and serves arrest warrants.
  9. Applies for and serves search warrants.
  10. Arranges removal of stalled/abandoned/wrecked vehicles.
  11. Arranges transportation/evacuation of injured/ill/deceased people.
  12. Arrests/cites violators of criminal law.
  13. Assists citizens with home lockouts.
  14. Assists citizens with vehicular lockouts.
  15. Assists the emergency dispatchers as directed.
  16. Attends departmental meetings.
  17. Attends special job-related meetings and training sessions.
  18. Cares for the needs of prisoners in custody or jail.
  19. Checks businesses for liquor/cigarette laws, and city license violations.
  20. Cites/arrests for traffic law violations.
  21. Collects and reports criminal intelligence information.
  22. Collects, marks, and preserves evidence at crime/accident scenes.
  23. Completes daily work logs/work records.
  24. Complies with department policies and procedures, rules, orders, and directives.
  25. Conducts building searches for suspects.
  26. Conducts elderly/disabled citizen checks.
  27. Conducts inventories of vehicles.
  28. Conducts jail check duties when prisoners occupy the city jail.
  29. Conducts jail transfers of prisoners to or from the city jail and other agency jails.
  30. Conducts residential/commercial security checks.


  1. Must be a United States citizen.
  2. Must possess an active Texas Commission on Law Enforcement (TCOLE) Police Officer license.
  3. Must be 21 years of age.
  4. Must have a High School Diploma or GED equivalency certificate.
  5. Must be able to proficiently read and write the English language and pass a 12th grade Reading/Writing proficiency and comprehension test.
  6. Must have demonstrated a positive work history with a good attendance record.
  7. Must possess and maintain a good credit history and financial record.
  8. Must meet health standards not to pose a risk to health or safety of others in the workplace, or to persons they come into contact with while in the performance of duty. This risk shall include infections or communicable diseases deemed a medical high threat, and dysfunctional mental or psychological disorders. Assessment of risk to the health and safety of others will be based upon reasonable medical opinion and judgment.
  9. Must possess adequate vision and pass the department vision tests. Must possess 20/20 corrected vision and 20/200 uncorrected.
  10. Before appointment must possess an active Peace Officer License from T.C.O.L.E.
  11. Must possess a valid Texas Class C driver’s License.