Police Officer

Colombia, MO
Columbia Police Department

This position performs responsible law enforcement work partnering with the community in the prevention, detection, and investigation of criminal acts; the apprehension and arrest of law violators; and the safeguarding of lives and property.


$47,328 Annually, plus shift differential of $.65 per hour for all hours worked from 6:00 pm to 6:00 am.




•Patrol assigned areas of the City, perform security checks on buildings and residences, and take appropriate action with regard to suspicious activity.

•Respond to calls for service and investigate reported criminal acts, domestic disturbances, and public nuisances and civil matters. Interview victims, witnesses, and suspects; review and study evidence; and conduct searches and surveillance.

•Give testimony in court.

•Patrol city roadways, enforce traffic ordinances, direct traffic and investigate traffic accidents.

•Serve warrants, make forcible arrests; search, book and transport prisoners.

•Operate police vehicles and use weapons and special equipment.


Educational requirements:

•Minimum education of a high school diploma or equivalent.

•Possess or be able to obtain Missouri POST certification (Class A Peace Officer License).

•Must maintain a valid Missouri driver’s license and safe driving record.

•Must maintain CPR certification.

•Must complete and submit an official Columbia Police Dept. background questionnaire and pass extensive background investigation; no serious criminal record (determined by nature of violation).


Desired Skills:

•Knowledge of legal studies, including case law, statutory law, and constitutional law.

•Knowledge of various computer programs and basic legal terminology.

•Knowledge of basic law enforcement procedures and protocols.

•Effective communication skills, including de-escalation techniques and crisis intervention.

•Ability to interact with citizens from a variety of cultural and ethnographic backgrounds in stressful and dangerous encounters.

•Effective customer service skills

•Effective written and verbal communication skills.

•Ability to collect necessary information from citizens and write reports from limited information

•Ability to operate police vehicles and acquire proficiency in the use of all approved police weapons and equipment.

•Must be able to wear a respirator and/or self-contained breathing apparatus (SCBA).

•Ability to administer accident scene assistance/first aid and establish traffic control/police protection as needed.

•Ability to work with little or no supervision in a high-stress environment.

•Ability to render credible testimony in court.

•Demonstrated mental/physical health as required by job functions.

•Demonstrated sound judgment, stress tolerance, decisiveness, leadership, interpersonal insight, and persuasiveness.

•Demonstrated knowledge of defensive tactics including unarmed combatants.

•Ability to work in a constant state of alertness and safe manner.