Police Officer

Azle, TX
Azle Police Department

Patrols the city and surrounding areas in order to enforce all city ordinances and state and federal laws. Performs special assignments as may be directed, including but not limited to Community Policing, CID, School Resource Officer, etc.



$25.77 Hourly


Open Until Filled


Patrols the city and responds to citizen requests and complaints regarding possible criminal activity; enforces all parking ordinances; issues warnings and citations to violators of city and state regulations. Arrests violators and transports to other facilities.

Investigates suspicious and criminal activity. Responds to emergency calls, traffic accidents and general requests for assistance. Conducts crime scene search investigations. Lifts fingerprints, takes photographs, interviews suspects and takes statements. Writes offense, incident, arrest and impoundment reports. Informs the community of crime prevention, public safety and public awareness programs. Appears in court and testifies under oath.

Educational requirements:

TCOLE certification required. Must have a High School diploma, or a High School equivalency certificate, have an honorable discharge from the armed forces of the United States if served. Must be able to pass an extensive background examination. State licensed as Peace Officer. Valid Texas Driver's License.

Desired Skills:

Ability to read and interpret ordinances, state laws, reports and updates regarding criminal activity. Ability to complete a variety of written reports which may be used in a court of law. Employee will write citations. Be able to shoot a pistol, rifle or shotgun and demonstrate competent weapon proficiency and the ability to maintain weapons for maximum performance; Ability to make split-second decisions, use good judgment and deal with high stress situations.