Police Officer

Appleton, WI
Appleton Police Department

This is an entry-level sworn police position responsible for protection of life and property through the enforcement of laws and ordinances. Work involves patrolling assigned areas, responding to criminal, suspicious, traffic and unusual situations as directed; investigating activities, gathering evidence, securing areas; protecting victims, the public and property; apprehending violators, completing appropriate paperwork and other related duties as required. Police Officers are also required to perform first responder duties and provide basic emergency medical service. Duties are performed under general supervision of the on duty lieutenant.

$30.37 – $36.95 Hourly


• Operate, with proficiency, all police equipment & vehicles as related to the police officer position.
• Carry, qualify with, and maintain a firearm.
• Complete all reports, paperwork, and documents necessary to the police officer position, including, but not limited to, offense reports, accident reports, evidence forms, citizen contact forms, victim information sheets, city summons, traffic and parking tickets.
• Summarize information from telephone or radio call conversation.
• Assist individuals with a variety of emergency & non-emergency incidents.
• Patrol, observe, and monitor residences, parks, businesses, and streets to check for criminal activity and conduct investigations/make arrests as appropriate.
• Conduct business/home security inspections.
• Make presumptive diagnosis about nature and extent of patient's condition and choose appropriate treatment and transport technique.
• Prioritize treatment protocol or patient care on scene and conduct triage as required.
• Communicate with victims, suspects, and witnesses to gather and provide information regarding a crime.
• Notify parents/guardians of juveniles involved in mischief or taken into custody.
• Offer credible testimony at a trial or hearing regarding the specifics of an incident, arrests that were made, evidence that was gathered, or other investigation completed.
• Label, safeguard, and package evidence.
• Analyze and compare cases for similarity of Modus Operandi (M.O.).
• Serve warrant, subpoena, or other court order.



A minimum of 60 credits of post-secondary education at an approved college, university, or technical school is required.
• Must meet Wisconsin Law Enforcement Standards Board Certification requirements.
• Knowledge of federal, state and local laws and ordinances.
• Knowledge of current law and case decisions relating to laws of arrest, search and seizure, interrogations, and the handling of evidence.
• Knowledge of modern principles, practices and methods of police operations.
• Knowledge of departmental rules of conduct, regulations and policies.
• Knowledge of current investigative, interrogation, and interview techniques & procedures.
• Knowledge of crime scene management (e.g., how to secure perimeter, collecting and packaging evidence, handle citizens and media at location, etc.).
• Ability to communicate orally and in writing in an efficient and effective manner.
• Ability to deal effectively and compassionately with victims, suspects, and family members of each.
• Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with police informants, the public, and other law enforcement agencies.
• Ability to function effectively in unpleasant, stressful, and/or hostile situations and environments, and to act appropriately in emergency situations.
• Ability to take control of situations where authority is needed.
• Ability to work both in a team environment and independent of direct supervision, in an effective and efficient manner.