Police Officer

Blaine, MN
Blaine Safety Services Department

Salary: $46.11 – $51.39 Hourly.

Closing Date: 7/31/2024.

Position Summary:

Under general direction of the Police Sergeants, this position is responsible, in an assigned district during a specified period of time, for the maintenance of order, enforcement of laws, and protection of life and property. This position also assists in the investigation of criminal offenses, accidents, and other police-related problems. This position currently works a 12-hour shift schedule.

Essential Functions:

  1. Respond to complaints such as prowlers, trespass, fights, domestics, alarms, etc.
  2. Handle arrest situations and procedures.
  3. Drive patrol car to monitor traffic; operate communication equipment and vehicle monitoring equipment such as radar; observe and detect traffic violations; and operate vehicle in emergency mode.
  4. Patrol assigned area by vehicle.
  5. Write detailed reports to document activities in situations requiring that public order be maintained and/or restored.
  6. Answer questions from the public on the phone or in person regarding issues such as project status, complaints, and law interpretation, or refer citizens to proper agencies.
  7. Face threatening situations and be prepared to use deadly force when justified.
  8. Search areas for suspects.
  9. Take written and oral statements from victims and witnesses.
  10. Request checks on car registrations, warrants, and firearms, and issue tickets, citations, and tags for illegal violations.
  11. Make business checks or vacation checks of private dwellings.
  12. Monitor crime areas by vehicle or foot patrol.
  13. Complete routine, non-emergency reports and initial investigative reports.
  14. Interview suspects, witnesses, citizens, victims, and others as required.
  15. Interrogate suspects and take sworn statements, formal confessions, or depositions in preparation for court or trial appearances.
  16. Maintain skills proficiency.


  1. US citizen.
  2. Valid driver’s license with a good driving record.
  3. MN POST Board licensed, eligible to be licensed, or successfully completed the reciprocity exam by December 31, 2024.
  4. Currently employed as a peace officer or employed within the last six months with a Police or Sheriff’s Department as a peace officer; or currently employed as a CSO within the last six months with a Police or Sheriff’s Department.
  5. Successful completion of comprehensive background examination and determination of no POST Board “Standards of Conduct” violations.
  6. Proficiency in a second language, preferably Spanish, Hmong, Arabic or Sign Language.
  7. One year of experience in law enforcement, either a sworn, non-sworn, or volunteer position.
  8. CPR and First Aid certification.