Police Officer

Henderson, NC
Henderson Police Department

Essential Functions:

  • Patrols streets in a police car or on foot; checks doors and windows; examines premises of unoccupied residences or buildings; detects unusual conditions, may maintain surveillance and observation for stolen cars, missing persons, or suspects; reports dangerous or defective streets, sidewalks, traffic lights, or other hazardous conditions.
  • Responds to calls for assistance, complaints, suspicious activity, domestic disputes, loud and disruptive behavior; completes calls by determining true nature of the situation and taking whatever legal or persuasive action is warranted.
  • Investigates traffic accidents; issues traffic citation; directs traffic and participates in other emergency operation activities; assists stranded motorists; gives information and directions to visitors and the general public.
  • Performs investigations of accidents or possible crimes through observation, questioning witnesses, and gathering physical evidence; performs investigative tasks, arrests and processes criminal suspects; presents findings in court.
  • Issues citations for violation of traffic regulations, serves warrants; apprehends and processes criminal suspects and transports to magistrate and/or City detention facilities.
  • Regulates and directs vehicular traffic at busy times at local schools and when traffic signal malfunctions or accidents require.
  • Operates a two-way radio to receive instructions and information or to report information to police headquarters; maintains vehicle, weapons and other equipment in standards working order.
  • Prepares records and reports of activities.
  • Advises the public on laws and local ordinances; serves papers as needed.
  • Attends training to increase skills and maintain certifications.


  • Must be able to physically perform the basic life operational functions of standing, walking, hearing, kneeling, reaching, feeling, grasping, pushing, pulling, bending, climbing, crawling, fingering, and performing repetitive motions.
  • Must be able to perform medium to heavy work exerting 50 to 100 pounds of force occasionally; 20 to 50 pounds frequently; and 10 pounds constantly.
  • Must possess the visual acuity to operate a police vehicle, perform visual inspections, distinguish details and differences when observing people, places, or things on patrol, to maintain records and document findings, and to use a computer.
  • Graduation from high school and completion of basic law enforcement training; possession of a Basic Law Enforcement Certificate; or an equivalent combination of education and experience.
  • Before assignment to sworn duties, employees must possess a valid North Carolina driver’s license and have completed at least the minimum requirements established by the North Carolina Justice Training and Standards Commission for certified law enforcement officers.