Police Officer

Bastrop, TX
Bastrop Independent School District

Position Summary:

Patrol District property to protect all students, personnel, and visitors from physical harm and prevent property loss due to theft or vandalism. Enforce all laws including municipal ordinances, county ordinances, and state laws. Works independently.

Essential Functions:

  • Law Enforcement.
  • Patrol assigned campuses and routes walking or driving within district jurisdiction.
  • Respond to all calls from campuses concerning crises, accidents, and reports of crime.
  • Investigate criminal offenses that occur within district’s jurisdiction.
  • Collect and preserve evidence for criminal investigations including witness statements and physical evidence.
  • Arrest perpetrators, file appropriate charges, and ensure placement in jail or juvenile detention centers for law violations as necessary.
  • Write effective legal incident reports.
  • Testify in court as needed.
  • Work cooperatively with other police agencies to share information and provide other assistance.
  • Help provide traffic control at athletic events, school closings or openings, or at any other time.
  • Provide protection to or escort district personnel as needed.
  • Operate all equipment including firearms according to established safety procedures.
  • Compile, maintain, and file all physical and computerized reports, records, and documents required, including affidavits for arrest, incident reports, and activity reports.
  • Comply with policies established by federal law, including but not limited to State Board of Education and local Board policy.
  • Perform other job-related duties as assigned.


  • High school diploma or GED.
  • Texas Peace Officer License issued by Texas Commission on Law Enforcement (TCOLE).
  • Clear and valid Texas driver’s license.
  • General knowledge of criminal investigation, police report writing, and criminal laws.
  • Training and ability to subdue offenders, including use of firearms and handcuffs.
  • Bonded as required by Texas Education Code §37.081(h).
  • Ability to pass required physical, psychiatric, and drug tests.
  • Ability to work well with youth and adults.