Police Officer

Columbus, OH
Capital University

Salary: $24.95 per hour.

Position Summary:

Under the direction of the Police Chief, provides a safe and secure environment for the University community and all of its members. Provides a variety of services which enhance the quality of life on campus. Maintains satisfactory working relationships with peers, supervisors, students, faculty, staff, local police and the general public. This position may expect irregular working hours and days off.

Essential Functions:

  • Enforce all local, state and federal criminal laws, as well as University judicial rules and regulations; traffic and parking regulations; obtain warrants, apprehend, arrest, search, pat down, handcuff, pursue, physically secure resisting suspects with the appropriate amount of force. Transport prisoners and professionally testify in criminal court or University judicial hearings as required.
  • Investigate criminal violations, judicial violations, traffic crashes, and citizen complaints; protect crime scenes and preserve evidence.
  • Patrol on foot, in motor vehicles and bicycle; protect persons and property and provide assistance as needed; lock and unlock buildings, provide escorts for citizens on campus, manage traffic and parking, and report any safety or security concerns to supervisors and appropriate campus personnel.
  • Maintain and safely operate patrol vehicles, departmental equipment including but not limited to: firearms, pepper spray, handcuffs, radios, computers, copiers, fax machines, telephones, and first aid equipment.
  • Operate the campus emergency notification system, the Clery notification system, all panic alarm systems, fire panel systems, and camera system on campus.
  • Perform dispatch or administrative assistant responsibilities, fire prevention responsibilities, train new officers and student workers, attend meetings, research and conduct safety presentations on campus.
  • Participate in required training to include any methods of instruction such as, but not limited to: lecture, practical hands-on training including first aid, self-defense, firearms, pepper spray, tactical training, and computer based training.


  • Must be a graduate of the Police Academy and certified in the State of Ohio; three years prior experience in Law Enforcement preferred.
  • Must possess and maintain a current Ohio Peace Officer Training Commission certificate in good standing with the State of Ohio. Must maintain all required certifications. Must possess and maintain a valid Ohio driver’s license. Current driver’s license record must not reflect six points or more.
  • Able to occasionally work overtime, change shifts, work special duty events, be called in while off duty for a crisis/manpower on campus.
  • Excellent oral and written communication required; ability to handle sensitive information and maintain high level of confidentiality.
  • Must demonstrate sound judgment and appropriate decision making skills; initiative, independence, judgement, and flexibility with ability to maintain effective working relationships in academic and law enforcement environment; ability to read and understand a map.
  • Must be in good physical and mental health to make arrests and secure uncooperative/resisting violators, utilize and be proficient with all the protective equipment provided by the University; drag or carry human bodies in emergency situations, sit in a vehicle or stand for long periods of time, walk up and down at least 4 flights of stairs without pause; must be able to run, stoop and bend, on an occasional basis.