Police Officer

Hollywood, FL
Hollywood Police Department

The Hollywood Police Department is Hiring! Come join our team and make a difference.

Hollywood Police Department Hiring

Are you ready to begin your dream career in law enforcement or are you an experienced officer ready to make your next career move? The Hollywood Police Department is the place for you! HPD is currently hiring candidates who qualify in three different ways:

  • Non-certified recruits ready to embark on a challenging law enforcement career with HPD and seeking a department to sponsor their academy training
  • Certified candidates who want to be part of an agency committed to the highest level of professionalism and integrity in law enforcement
  • A recently retired officer not ready to stop working

The Hollywood Police Department is a highly professional law enforcement agency offering exceptional career advancement opportunities that will allow HPD officers to go as far as their determination and skills will take them. The Department offers a full array of specialized units such as K-9, SWAT, narcotics and street crimes, along with top-notch equipment and training.

Starting Pay:

  • Certified: $66,901.31 – 81,318.96
  • Non-Certified: $66,901.31

New Hire Benefits:

  • Pension Retire with 22 years of continuous service with 75% of the average monthly earnings.
  • 8-year DROP 200 hours of pensionable overtime
  • 130 hours of holiday sell-back time is pensionable
  • 2 1/2 % biannual pension COLA
  • Take home vehicle. The vehicle can be used 2 hours before and after shift for personal use
  • On Duty workout time
  • Members may buy back 4 years of military service or prior service as a full-time municipal, county, state, or federal police officer
  • State of Florida $5,000 recruitment bonus -Shift differential pay (up to 5%)
  • Assignment pay (up to 5%) for specialized units
  • Stipend up to $1500 dollars annually for secondary unit
  • Paid Time Off 13 paid holidays 1 personal day 2 wellness days
  • Vacation leave based on years of service:

Annual Leave

  • 1-3 years =80 hours
  • 4-10 years= 132 hours
  • 11-15 years= 164 hours
  • 16-20 years= 180 hours
  • 21 years and over= 220 hours

The City of Hollywood is an equal opportunity employer