Police Officer

Henderson, NV
Henderson Police Department

The Henderson Police Department announces the opening of applications for the position of Police Officer. Processing and testing of applicants will occur throughout the year on an ongoing basis.

The department is seeking dedicated people of character, courage, conscience, and compassion who are interested in a challenging and rewarding career of service to the citizens and community of Henderson. Be a part of HPD’s vision: Strength in Unity, Character in Actions, Excellence in Service.

$26.23 – $47.11 Hourly


• Enforces and applies the laws of the City of Henderson and the State of Nevada by warning, citing, and arresting violators.
• Operates emergency vehicle during normal driving and emergency situations; operates portable radios to maintain communications with central dispatch and other officers; uses duty weapons as required by police situations in conformance with the Departmental Firearms policy.
• Conducts patrol in assigned areas using specific patrol techniques to prevent illegal activities; responds to calls for assistance from citizens, fellow officers, fire units, and other agencies as needed; conducts traffic stops to enforce City and State Traffic laws by warning, citing, or arresting violators; responds to vehicle accidents to render aide and assistance, provide traffic control, determine cause, and cite violators if applicable. conducts field sobriety evaluations of persons suspected of driving while intoxicated to determine if a violation has occurred; participates in patrol briefings to obtain information in regard to criminal activities, potential hazards, and the activities of other officers; explains violations to traffic offenders
• Subdues and overcomes the resistance of combatant suspects in the process of making arrests; diffuses various types of disputes between persons; handcuffs arrested persons in the course of affecting arrests; pursues fleeing suspects on foot in order to catch them and affect arrest; intervenes in physical altercations and arrests offending parties when appropriate.
• Detains and questions, based on reasonable cause, suspicious persons to determine if their activity is unlawful; interrogates suspects to determine if they were involved in the crime being investigated, the extent of involvement, the location of the property or evidence, the identity of additional suspects, and to obtain confessions.
• Writes various reports including burglary, robbery, battery, and larceny incidents; completes all forms related to police activities performed during shift; documents civil disputes which may result in further police involvement and/or possible liability.
• Coordinates and conducts building searches, felony car stops, and various searches with other officers; searches crime scenes to locate, protect, and impound items of physical evidence pertinent to the crime.
• Conducts preliminary investigations of crimes, crime scenes, and suspicious circumstances to determine if violations have occurred; identifies and monitors the actions of criminals though the use of field interview cards, arrest reports, automated record systems, informant information, conversations with other officers, and crime analysis; reads various criminal reports to determine the need for further investigation or to determine if arrests can be made;conducts follow up investigations of crimes, crime scenes, and criminal activity through the use of investigative leads, informants, interviews, and stakeouts.
• Determines the on-scene emergency medical needs of injured persons and performs the appropriate medical response to life threatening and non-life threatening injuries; determines the appropriate medical response to life threatening and non-life threatening injuries; performs emergency first aide techniques including CPR in the field to stabilize injured persons until additional medical help arrives; assists in search and rescue operations to help locate and provide assistance to lost and injured persons.


• Graduation from high school or the equivalent.
• Possess and maintain a valid driver license. Upon hire, possess a Nevada or "border state" driver license under conditions defined by Nevada Revised Statute 483.035.
• Must be a U.S. citizen by the time of application.
• Must be at least 21 years of age at the time of application.
• Must have no convictions for offenses greater than a misdemeanor. Must have no convictions for offenses of domestic violence.
• Visual acuity must be correctable to 20/40 in one eye and 20/30 in both eyes.
• Hearing must be 30 decibels or less for each ear.
• Must successfully complete the Henderson Police Department Academy within the time frame prescribed by the department.
• Must pass a nationwide fingerprint-based record check, and a wants/warrants check.
• Must complete Security Awareness and National Crime Information Center (NCIC)/Nevada Criminal Justice Information System (NCJIS) certification within six months of hire/transfer and be recertified every two years. Must maintain certifications in NCIC/NCJIS as a condition of continued employment.