Police Officer

Manchester, MO
Manchester Police Department

Position Summary
Performs a variety of routine and complex public safety duties including police patrol, criminal investigations, traffic enforcement, apprehension and prosecution of criminals and all related local, state and federal law enforcement activities in an assigned area in the City of Manchester, under the general direction of the Sergeant/Lieutenant.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities

• Responsible for the protection of people, property and streets in a rotating shift in an assigned area in the City of Manchester
• Apprehends suspects, processes arrest and assists in the prosecution of criminals and suspects
• Maintains and preserves the peace by utilizing skills (i.e. de-escalating a situation, sensitivity to victims, etc.) developed in Police Academy training
• Performs routine patrols using law enforcement vehicles including automobile, bike and others as necessary
• Responds to radio calls; preserves and investigates evidence of crime/accident scenes and conducts initial interview s of witnesses, suspects and victims at the scene of misdemeanor or felony crimes of vehicular accidents, develops leads and follow-up investigations of incidents during assigned shift
• Searches homes, businesses, buildings and other areas for suspects
• Traffic enforcement – issues citations, investigates accidents and performs problems solving with regard to general traffic issues in an assigned area
• Transports criminals and evidence
• Prepares, ensures accuracy of, and files a variety of daily reports, summonses and investigations on a routine basis

Minimum Requirements- Education, Certification, and Experience
High school diploma or equivalent. Current P.O.S.T. (Peace Office Standard Training) Certification as a police officer of a first-class county in the State of Missouri through Police Academy training. Valid Missouri Driver’s license without record of suspension, revocation, or felony convictions in any state. Must be 21 years of age and US citizen at time of employment. Must have no felony convictions. Must be able to render credible testimony in a court of law. Must successfully complete firearms qualification course as determined by the police department.