Police Officer

Amherst, MA
Town of Amherst Police Department

Salary: $49,834.00.

Open Until Filled

Essential Functions:

1. Exercise authority consistent with the obligations imposed by his/her oath of office and is accountable to his/her superior officers, promptly obeying legitimate orders.

2. Coordinate his/her efforts with those of other members of the Department so that their teamwork may insure continuity of purpose and minimum achievement of police objectives.

3. Communicate to his/her superiors and to co-workers all information he may obtain which is pertinent to the achievement of police objectives.

4. Be available for duty at all times in case of special needs or emergencies and respond punctually to all assignments.

5. By study and research, become familiar with advanced techniques and ideas designed to improve police performance.

6. Acquire and record information concerning events that have taken place since his/her last briefing and be continuously attentive to instructions.

7. Record all activity during his/her tour of duty in the manner prescribed to him by his superiors.

8. Devote the maximum possible time to the performance of his/her assigned duties.

9. Maintain arms and equipment in a functional, presentable condition, promptly correcting defects and reporting any serious defects to his/her superior.

10. Make reports of crimes, collisions and other incidents in conformity with the procedures outlined in current directives for their accurate and complete preparation.

11. Exert every effort to satisfy the needs of citizens requesting service, assistance or information and courteously explain any instance where jurisdiction does not lie with the police department and suggest other procedures to be followed.

12. Be accountable for the securing, receipt and proper transporting of all evidence and property coming into his/her custody.

13. Be alert to the development of conditions tending to cause crime, take preventive actions to correct such conditions and inform his/her superiors as soon as the situation permits.

14. Conduct a thorough investigation of all offenses and incidents within his/her area of assignment and scope of activity. He/she shall collect evidence and record data that will aid in identification, apprehension and prosecution of offenders and the recovery of property.


  • Must possess, or be able to obtain by time of hire.
  • A valid State Driver’s License without record of suspension or revocation in any state.
  • Ability to meet physical standards as established by the Massachusetts Police Training Committee.
  • Must meet the certification requirements established by the Massachusetts POST commission.
  • Be able to successfully complete all phases of the selection process.
  • Must be able to reside within 15 miles of the limits of the Town.