Police Officer

Converse, TX
Converse Police Department

Position Summary:

The Patrol Officer serves the community by patrolling an assigned district in an effort to prevent crime, enforce all laws, protect lives and property, conduct arrests, respond to calls, conduct preliminary investigations, and encourage a positive community relationship.

Essential Functions:

  1. Know and follow the law, City and Department policies and procedures, and the instructions of my supervisors, and/or those in charge.
  2. Effectively deal with unpleasant situations, irate or disturbed individuals or victims, or gruesome crime scenes.
  3. Ability to think quickly, maintain self-control, and adapt quickly and effectively to stressful situations.
  4. Operate basic police equipment (including but not limited to cameras, recorders, radar, personal computer, and laptop).
  5. Take command of scenes and restore the peace.
  6. Respond promptly to the scene of a crime or an accident; respond to radio calls.
  7. Effectively interview suspects or witnesses.
  8. Write accurate, detailed reports.
  9. Monitor, investigate and handle, as appropriate, any suspicious activities or ongoing crimes.
  10. Coordinate and direct vehicular traffic.
  11. Visit open businesses such as banks, markets, department stores, service stations, and other establishments to establish rapport with owners.
  12. Book suspects and evidence and transport prisoners to the appropriate detention facility.
  13. Respond to questions from citizens and agencies.
  14. Attend training and other meetings as assigned or required.
  15. Use good judgment in all decision-making and in carrying out all job duties.
  16. Meet with Police and other staff members to identify and resolve problems and concerns.
  17. Be helpful, cooperative and courteous, and demonstrate a good attitude in all dealings with the public, co-workers and others.
  18. Punctual, regular, on-site attendance is an essential job duty.
  19. Demonstrate initiative and diligence in the prompt and proper completion of all job duties, whether or not listed in this Job Description.
  20. Safeguard City property and recognize and report needed repairs.
  21. Work safely, follow safety rules and training, and maintain a clean, safe and healthful working environment.
  22. Maintain appropriate confidentiality with regard to Police and other City business.
  23. Perform other duties as assigned by the Detective Investigator, the Patrol Sergeant, or others in charge.


  1. United States citizen.
  2. Must be licensed by and meet all Texas Commission on Law Enforcement (TCOLE) and local ordinance requirements.
  3. High school graduation or its equivalent.
  4. Satisfactory results of background and employment screening checks including physical exam, psychological evaluation, and drug screening.
  5. Have and maintain a clear and valid Texas Class C or higher driver’s license and an acceptable driving record.