Police Officer

Stanfield, OR
Stanfield Police Department

Position Summary:

Position will be a full-time police officer position. Employee will work a minimum of 40 hours a week, with a flexible work schedule which may include weekdays, weekends, and holidays.

Works under the direction of the Chief of Police or Patrol Supervisor.

Essential Functions:

  • Proactively patrols city streets to control traffic, prevent crime or disturbances of the peace.
  • Enhances the sense of safety within the community by using patrol tactics and techniques to curb crime.
  • Patrol shifts are rotational and function during day, swing, night and late shifts.
  • May be required to extend work schedule during emergency situations.
  • Maintains a familiarity with the city and surroundings. Documents suspicious persons and activities, and investigates accordingly. Visits and inspects public establishments to ensure compliance with city or state licensing requirements or other regulations.
  • Conducts accident and criminal investigations. Directs traffic and maintains crowd control at scenes of an accident, disturbance, or investigation scene. Provides First Aid as needed or possible while conducting investigations.
  • Interviews and interacts with public conducting interviews of witness, victims and offenders.
  • Enforces federal, state and local traffic laws, criminal statutes, regulations, and city codes and ordinances including animal control.
  • Arrests, issues citations or warnings to traffic or criminal offenders according to the severity and nature of the offense. Apprehends or assists in the apprehension of criminals using discretion and force, if required, and includes transports of prisoners.
  • Responds to crime reports, provides assistance as a back-up officer or other investigator at the scene.
  • Prepares cases for court according to established legal procedures and testifies before the court as needed or required. Completes concise, comprehensive, and detailed reports including all activity, special crime, custody, property, traffic, vehicle and juvenile reports.
  • Assists with and collaborates with other employees, community members, or entities as required to document, identify and eliminate root causes of crime. Acts in public relations as required, and incorporates the use of Community Policing and Crime Prevention strategies.
  • Provides information and education to citizens about law enforcement, including current laws.
  • Develops and maintains a positive and helpful relationship with the public.
  • Assists the public by providing information, assistance to stranded motorist, directed or extra patrol in neighborhood, and other assistance as needed.
  • Works with computers and other technical devices to conduct investigations and complete investigative procedures.
  • Maintains moderate or better keyboard skills, including word processing programs, to facilitate this process.
  • Ensures the safekeeping or all records, evidence and assigned Police equipment and property.
  • Maintains proficiency in the use of police related equipment.
  • Performs other duties and tasks, special assignments or details, as assigned or necessary by the Chief of Police or Patrol Supervisor.


  • Ability to communicate respectfully and effectively both orally and in writing to public, coworkers, and other community partners. Able to use correct grammar and spelling in written documents.
  • Maintain a professional and harmonious working relationship with other agencies, employees and the public, foster team work, Ability to work effectively either independently or collaborate as part of a team.
  • Ability to deal with people of diverse cultural backgrounds and personalities in a tactful and effective manner, maintain confidentiality and discretion, and cope effectively with conflict.
  • Ability to learn factual information, including laws, statutes, regulations, department policies, codes and ordinances and apply this knowledge on the job. Able to apply learned strategies in combating criminal activity in the community, and develop effective responses to addressing public needs.
  • Able to safely operate law enforcement equipment including, but not limited to, firearms, motor vehicles and office equipment.
  • Ability to identify criminal activities, analyze situations and determine a proper course of action, while acting effectively and calmly in emergency situations using good judgment and problem solving skills.
  • Able to follow and apply principles of First Aid and/or CPR.
  • Must be able to work various shifts and in inclement weather as assigned or needed, and be flexible with work schedules.
  • Maintain physical strength and agility sufficient to perform the work required and established by the needs of the Police Department.
  • Ability to use the necessary level of force by using the application of learned defensive tactics, current federal and state guidelines, and safety techniques.