Police Officer

Carrboro, NC
Carrboro Police Department

Rate of Pay: $51,404 – $62,712

General Definition and Conditions of Work
Performs intermediate protective service work involving a variety of law enforcement or special duty police assignments; does related work as required. Work is performed under emergency conditions and involves personal hazard. Work is performed under the regular supervision of a Police Supervisor.

Essential Functions

  • Responding to emergency police situations; driving or walking to observe illegal or suspicious activities; affecting arrests and maintaining law and order; providing assistance to the public; undertaking special assignments.
  • On an assigned shift, operates a patrol vehicle, rides a bicycle or walks to observe for violations of traffic laws, suspicious activities or persons, and disturbances of law and order;
  • Responds to radio dispatches and answers calls and complaints;
  • Issues citations for traffic violations and investigates traffic accidents;
  • Provides traffic control at intersections;
  • Serves warrants and makes arrests, maintains warrant records, testifies in court;
  • Provides police escorts, directs traffic; performs residential and commercial checks;
  • Fills out arrest records; completes incident reports;
  • May serve as an investigator, a community police officer, DARE officer, patrol officer, crime prevention officer or be assigned to other law enforcement, support or special duty;
  • Sets up programs and serves on committees to bring community resources to facilitate crime reduction;
  • Establishes classes and programs to meet specific neighborhood needs;
  • Secures crime scenes; gathers and safeguards evidence; dusts for fingerprints; interviews witnesses and victims;

Special Requirements
Possession of an appropriate driver’s license valid in the State of North Carolina. Must meet and maintain minimum training requirements for the position established by the department and the State of North Carolina.

This position is open to CERTIFIED APPLICANTS ONLY.

Education and Experience
Any combination of education and experience equivalent to graduation from high school.