Police Officer

Chicago, IL
Moody Bible Institute

Position Summary:

Function under the supervision of the Chief of Public Safety to perform duties related to the security of Moody Bible Institute’s Chicago campus. Interacting positively and cooperating with co-workers, responding politely to customers, working as a team member, functioning under intense time pressure and responding in a positive manner to supervision. A police officer in this position is required to meet the primary duties of the pursuit, apprehension, and arrest of law violators or suspected law violators until custody is transferred to the Chicago Police Department.

Essential Functions:

  • Act as a primary responder for all campus incidents; controlling the scene of all incidents and provide emergency care, specifically related to police, medical and fire incidents.
  • Perform foot and vehicle patrols of campus in effort to deter and detect suspicious activity.
  • Assist all emergency personnel and city officials that are engaged in business on our campus.
  • Respond to campus alarm systems and 911-notifications and write incident reports.
  • Report incidents as necessary, professionally and accurately documenting officer involvement and the conclusion of the incident.
  • Perform parking and traffic enforcement.
  • Perform ancillary duties as assigned and report progress on a monthly basis.
  • Type and electronically submit incident reports.
  • Oversee all part-time security staff during your shift, including the responsibilities of dispatch.
  • Enforce Institute parking policies by issuing tickets and submitting them appropriately in a timely fashion.
  • Provide officer presence for special events on campus to detect and deter disturbances. Observe events, report and respond appropriately.
  • Assist the Institute community’s needs by directing them to the appropriate internal staff or departments or providing them with contact information for outside agencies.
  • Issue trespass notices as necessary to unauthorized individuals on campus effect arrests and testify in a court of law.
  • Provide Security escorts for currency operations and executive protection as assigned.
  • Maintain issued equipment and firearm.
  • Perform related and specific duties as assigned by the Chief of Public Safety or Lieutenants.


  • A college degree or two years of job related experience.
  • A valid driver’s license and responsible driving record.
  • 21 years of age.
  • No felony convictions; must pass a thorough background check including fingerprinting.
  • Must complete basic police academy training & complete on-the-job field officer training probation period.
  • Pass required physical fitness standard, written examination, oral interview, medical exam and psychological evaluation.
  • Able to work in the US legally, without sponsorship.

Preferred Requirements

  • Physically fit.
  • Criminal Justice Degree.
  • Illinois PERC.
  • Illinois FOID.
  • Be able to control a fire, medical and crime related scene.
  • Sufficient writing skills to prepare incident reports.
  • Sufficient human relation skills to resolve confrontation, affect behavior of others, assert oneself, and convey a positive image of the Department.