Police Officer

Fort Lupton, CO
Fort Lupton Police Department

Under specified supervision, performs a variety of public safety functions to serve and protect the community and to provide for the enforcement of federal, state and municipal law.

$54,080.00 – $62,192.00 Annually


• Provides a variety of law enforcement services including patrolling streets and other public places on an assigned shift.
• Performs activities associated with investigations and crime prevention; writes detailed police reports and collects physical evidence.
• Assists with filling cases.
• Testifies in court proceedings as required.
• Provides information, assistance or directions to the public.
• Emphasizes community policing through public meetings and speaking directly with citizens.
• Performs a variety of public relations and public education duties.
• Intervenes in disputes, apprehends suspects, makes arrests, issues citations, identifies witnesses, conducts preliminary investigations, and re-establishes law and order at the scene.Interviews and/or counsels involved parties such as witnesses, suspects, students, victims and parents.Prepares documentation of activities performed and information gathered.Follows up on cases.Protects and preserves crime scenes.
• Responds to calls for assistance, including assaults, fights, domestic disturbances, thefts, traffic accidents and traffic control, and other criminal or civil complaints; transports prisoners to detention facilities and court as necessary.
• Takes proper safety precautions, anticipates unsafe circumstances and acts accordingly to prevent accidents. Responsible for safety of self, others, materials and equipment. Uses all required safety equipment.
• Interacts with other jurisdictions, law enforcement agencies and courts of law.
• Researches and completes special projects, such as policy and municipal ordinance development.
• Works a varying schedule and/or shift.
• May photograph and/or sketch crime scenes and accidents.



• Working knowledge of modern law enforcement principles, procedures, techniques and equipment, applicable laws and ordinances.
• Ability to recognize and analyze a variety of police concerns and make recommendations.
• Knowledge of and ability to enforce the Constitutional rights, Colorado Revised Statutes, Fort Lupton Municipal Code, and Model Traffic Code.
• Knowledge of pursuit driving skills and arrest control procedures.
• Ability to qualify quarterly for firearms proficiency.
• Working knowledge of computers with the ability to write correspondence that conforms to a prescribed style and format.
• Ability to develop and maintain effective working relationships with employees, supervisors, various agencies and general public.
• Working knowledge of computers and the ability to learn and utilize software applications for word processing, spreadsheets, databases and other current technology.
• Knowledge and ability to enforce law enforcement principles, practices and techniques of patrol, investigation, surveillance, court procedures, community relations, weapon use, traffic control, report preparation, and custody of persons and property.
• Ability to research, develop and lead formal and informal presentations and discussions with diverse groups.
• Knowledge of safety hazards, blood borne pathogen regulations and universal safety precautions sufficient to be able to protect oneself and others from possible infection and maintain a safe working environment.
• Knowledge of the methods of basic first aid sufficient to be able to render assistance until medical personnel arrive.
• Skill in conducting searches of persons and facilities for contraband.
• Skill in reacting calmly and effectively in emergency or stressful situations.
• Knowledge of criminal justice system.
• Skill in the safe and lawful operation of assigned police vehicles.
• Knowledge of and ability to apply appropriate self-defense techniques.
• Ability to apply police science skills and techniques to assigned duties in patrol, traffic or investigation activities.
• Ability to testify in court.
• Ability to prepare accurate and concise reports and records that may be used as evidence in courts of law.
• Ability to learn photography and forensic skills if assigned to investigate.
• Knowledge of the boundaries, streets, neighborhoods, and business areas of the City of Fort Lupton.
• Skill in the proper use of standard law enforcement equipment including weaponry, communications equipment, surveillance equipment, safety equipment, and laser and radar guns.
• Mathematical skills related to essential job functions.
• Ability to respond effectively to common inquires or complaints from customers, regulatory agencies or members of the business community. Ability to effectively present information to management, department personnel and citizens.
• Knowledge of law enforcement safety policies and procedures and the ability to maintain a strong safety culture with the department.
• Ability to maintain moral integrity and physical fitness standards required by the department.
• High School Diploma or G.E.D.
• Colorado P.O.S.T. (Peace Officer Standards and Testing) certification
• Colorado Driver's License
• First Aid and CPR certification
• CCIC/CBI (Colorado Bureau of Investigations) certification, or ability to obtain
• Must be at least 21 years of age
• Reside within sixty minutes commuting distance of the Police Station