Police Officer

Albert Lea, MN
Albert Lea Police Department

Salary: $34.76 – $48.11 Hourly.

Closing Date: 3/15/2024.

Position Summary:

Works under the direct supervision of the Patrol Sergeant and general supervision of the Lieutenant.

Essential Functions:

  • Establishes partnerships between the officers, the police department, and with the community to prevent, reduce or decrease the opportunity for crime and to improve quality of life.
  • Actively promotes the concepts of community policing, problem-oriented policing and proactive policing within assigned area and within the community.
  • Seeks out, identifies and serves as a catalyst for opportunities to utilize problem solving techniques such as directed enforcement, education, partnerships with residents and community groups, etc. to address neighborhood or community concerns.
  • Evaluates crime patterns and quality of life issues within assigned area and directs police initiatives to improve these issues.
  • Participates in community meeting such as neighborhood watch, police/community dialogues, neighborhood associations, civic groups, schools and agency meetings to discuss and address the fear of crime, notify and advise of incidents and promote quality of life.
  • Patrols the community to protect life and property, prevent and detect crime, enforce laws and resolve quality of life issues.
  • Conducts legal searches, apprehends and arrests law violators, prepares reports of incidents and arrests and safely transports suspects and prisoners in accordance with department policy.
  • Assists in the prosecution of law violators and testifies in court as arresting or investigating officer or as a witness; completes reports related to legal process.
  • Conduct preliminary and follow up investigations and /or assists detectives with more extensive investigations.
  • Prepares complete and accurate reports and forms on all criminal, animal control and noncriminal
  • Collects and preserves evidence; may take pictures of, and preserve, crime scenes and assumes
    custody of impounded property and vehicles as appropriate.
  • Responds to calls for service for criminal and non-criminal activity, takes action and mediates
    disputes as necessary, prepares required reports and advises victims and complainants of
    process and actions taken.
  • Responds to accident, fire and other emergencies, assists with rescue, provides emergency first
    responder treatment, controls the scene and directs traffic flow.
  • Interviews witnesses, victims and suspects, takes statements as appropriate, conducts
    interrogations; refers victims and survivors to other agencies and community groups for
    additional assistance as appropriate.
  • Attends roll call, reviews shift logs and obtains other relevant information that occurred within
    the last 24 hours.
  • Assists and cooperates with other members of the department as well as outside agencies such
    as neighboring counties and communities and the State Highway Patrol as needed.
  • Maintains crowd control and proactively resolves and mediates disputes in citizens’ homes,
    places of business or other public gathering places to prevent crime, ensure public safety
    and promote quality of life.
  • Operates and assists in maintaining all equipment and vehicles used by the department.
  • Keeps firearms clean and operating and maintains skills and proficiency in firearm use, self
    defense, use of force, pursuit driving, and first responder as required by the Minnesota
    POST Board or department.
  • May be assigned one or more of several special work assignments as directed by the Director of
    Public Safety such as: School Resource Officer, Field Training Officer, Firearms or Use
    of Force Instructor, Bike Patrol, SWAT, Evidence Officer, canine officer, or other.
    Performs building checks for businesses to ensure the buildings are secure and no vandalism or
    break-ins have occurred.
  • Notifies residents of serious injuries, accidents or deaths of relatives.
  • Removes hazards in roadways or contacts public works staff; may occasionally locate and
    remove stray animals and transport to the animal pound.
  • Attends required and/or elective training as directed.
  • Performs other duties as needed or assigned.


  • Associate degree in criminal justice, law enforcement, or equivalent and licensed or eligible for licensure, as a peace officer by the State of Minnesota.
  • Must be certified as an Emergency.
  • Medical Responder (EMR).
  • Must be a U.S. Citizen.
  • Possess/maintain a valid driver’s license.
  • Be able to drive in the State of Minnesota.