Police Officer

Raleigh, NC
Shaw University

Position Summary:

Shaw University is looking for Campus Police Officers. Reporting to the Chief of Campus Police and Security, the Campus Police Officer performs a variety of law enforcement, security, safety and community service duties associated with the protection of life and property and maintenance of order. The Campus Police Officer is responsible for the detection and prevention of crime and the enforcement of all University, State and local laws, rules, policies and procedures while maintaining an atmosphere conducive to the educational mission of Shaw University; She uses problem-solving and communications skills to effectively interact with the multi-cultural and diverse campus population to resolve public safety issues.

Essential Functions:

  • Provides security and protective services to the University community by patrolling the designated areas on foot, in a motor vehicle, or on a bicycle.
  • Adheres to the Department of Police and Security rules regulations, responsibilities and procedures. Maintain a working knowledge of University and department policies and procedures, keeping up to date on required information to effectively enforce them.
  • Evaluates situations, problems, emergencies and uses discretion, tact, diplomacy and individual judgment to resolve the problem and maintain control, or to notify and refer the proper authorities or department for resolution.
  • Understand the constraints and legal/ethical requirements of confidentiality and privilege of information.
  • Shall deter, apprehend and make lawful arrest of offenders of the laws of North Carolina when appropriate and encountered while on duty and within jurisdiction of Shaw University Campus Police Department.
  • Protect and preserve crime scenes. Assist local, state and federal law enforcement agencies in investigators on campus.
  • Document incidents via written/typed administrative forms/reports to include gathering pertinent information from participants and/or witnesses. This documentation shall be completed utilizing the Department computer based program.
  • Shall conduct detailed investigations as may be required.
  • Respond quickly and responsibly to any emergency or stressful situation. Assertively, yet tactfully manage and control traffic crowds, unruly and/or intoxicated individuals.
  • Shall appear in court and/or administrative hearings and testify regarding incidents when necessary.
  • Shall present and protect a professional, courteous, helpful and approachable demeanor and appearance.
  • Report and document any conditions encountered which might present a hazard to the University community, and report the same to appropriate personnel. Rectify serious threats or secure or mark hazardous areas to prevent injury or further damage.
  • Identify and act in crisis situations including, but not limited to, incidents of physical assault, sexual assault, suicide, suicide attempts, and gestures, cultural/prejudice crimes, domestic disturbances and workplace violence establishing control and deployment of personnel until supervisory personnel arrive.
  • Demonstrate an understanding and sensitivity to cultural diversity issues.
  • Read and understand legal documents.
  • Act as first respond for medical calls and provide assistance within the scope of training and certification.
  • Management at the onset of disaster situations such as but not limited to, hurricanes, tornadoes, power outages, high winds and snow storms. Monitor high risk areas, conduct damage control, reset alarms, protect/guard fallen power lines and contact appropriate personnel and agencies. Assist local emergency (fire & rescue) personnel.
  • Effectively enforce pedestrian, motor vehicle and traffic regulations, warning violators of rule infractions and issuing citations when applicable.
  • Provide crime awareness and crime prevention programming for students, faculty, and staff through the Community Oriented Policing program.
  • Must be available to work rotating shifts. Must work overtime/special events as assigned.
  • Maintain and improve skills and knowledge by attending training courses/classes and seminars.
  • Compliance of all legal orders, directives, instructions, and assignments of supervisors.
  • Interact professionally and cooperatively with all internal departments, as well as assist local, state and federal law enforcement agencies in investigations on campus.
  • May provide a variety of other necessary and/or requested services to the entire university and town community.
  • All other related duties as assigned.


  • An Associate’s degree or equivalent combination of education and experience is preferred.
  • Previous experience or basic knowledge of campus environment, relevant laws, and safety in a collegiate setting is preferred.
  • Must have reached the age of 21 years at the time of appointment and proof of US citizenship.
  • No criminal record.
  • Must possess (or be able to obtain within 90 days) and maintain a valid class “C” North Carolina driver’s license and be an insurable carrier.
  • Ability to recognize, prioritize, and resolve multiple tasks, and work in a busy and occasionally stressful and dangerous environment is highly desired.
  • Be able to demonstrate proficiency in the use of personal computers, including all Windows-based applications.
  • Successfully complete an in-depth background investigation of any criminal activity, past medical history employment record, driving record and character references, drug screening, polygraph test and psychological evaluation.
  • Ability to write arrest reports, criminal investigation reports, incidents reports, operations reports, property reports and search warrants.
  • Must be certified or be able to obtain certification by the North Carolina Criminal Justice and Standards Division as a Law Enforcement Officer.
  • Must be able to obtain certification from the Department of Justice as a Campus Law Enforcement officer under GS74-G.