Police Officer

Jersey Village, TX
Jersey Village Police Department

Under the supervision of the Police Chief and Sergeants, the police officer will be responsible for the enforcement of the laws of the State of Texas and the City of Jersey Village, and to protect the lives and property of the citizens. The officer will respond to citizens’ calls for assistance, seek to observe and apprehend criminal offenders, traffic violators, and prevent criminal activity and civil disorders, and performs other duties as assigned.

$52,000.00 – $59,800.00 Annually


• Makes preliminary investigations on cases ranging from civil to criminal activities as well as vehicle accidents with varying degrees of severity.
• Writes technical reports including details and observations of accidents or crime scenes; citations; reports on all types of incidents requiring police intervention; clear sentence structure and accurate spelling required for documents that may be used in court.
• On call twenty-four (24) hours a day and may be required to testify in a court of law.
• Read and understand law books, legal decisions; city laws and ordinances; map information; memorandums and instructions; department policies and procedures, schedules, case reports, criminal activity information sheets, driver's licenses, and general correspondence.
• Keep abreast of changing statutes, laws, and ordinances in order to effectively perform duties.
• Assign, reassign, or detail to other divisions, duties, shifts, or responsibilities as directed by the Chief of Police or other persons of authority.
• Periodically serve on department boards when appointed.
• Knowledgeable about patrol areas, special orders related to patrol areas, and have a thorough knowledge of rules and regulations.
• Deal with irate, hysterical, aggressive and abusive individuals; make attempts to verbally calm them; explain laws, legal procedures, and legal rights and processes to victims, suspects, witnesses, and the public; communicate with other officers, District Attorney's Office, court officials, and other law enforcement agencies.
• Report hazards that endanger public safety.



Minimum of two (2) years full time patrol experience, preferred. Exceptions can be made for applicants with extensive "Reserve Officer" experience. Applicants must also be mentally and physically fit to discharge the duties of a police officer and pass all required entrance examinations. Must be able to read and write effectively. Exceptional ability to deal effectively and courteously with people; ability to act quickly and calmly in emergencies; skill in use of firearms; good appearance; good judgment; ability to remember details and keep powers of observation; aptitude for and interest in police work. Emotional stability and firmness; and foster an image of professionalism.