Police Officer

Coral Gables, FL
University of Miami

Salary: $60,008 to $65,998.

Position Summary:

A police officer has the primary responsibility to provide Protection of life and property to all citizens on a 24-hour basis.

Essential Functions:

  1. Perform in a manner consistent with the University’s Culture Change, Common Propose, DIRECCT Values and service standards.
  2. Respond emergency calls and all calls for service.
  3. Preservation of public peace.
  4. Provide proper enforcement of state laws, county ordinances.
  5. Facilitate safe and efficient flow of traffic.
  6. Complete incident reports and other necessary paperwork.
  7. Conduct extensive preliminary investigations, both criminal and traffic.
  8. File criminal charges, testify in court, prefile conferences and depositions.
  9. Arrest violators of criminal and traffic laws. Physical apprehension and/or issue a written summons requiring the arrestee to appear in court. Give testimony in court.
  10. Send referrals to Student Affairs as appropriate
  11. Administer first aid and/or render assistance to injured or ill persons. May transport to the University Health Center and/or local hospital. Request rescue services as required.
  12. Check the security of university property, effectively patrol their assigned areas and not in a predictable manner
  13. Patrol in marked police vehicles, motorcycle, on foot, or by police bicycles and may be assigned to a designated assignment.
  14. Self-initiate proactive patrols and enter same in CAD system.
  15. Observe and report unsafe conditions and initiate corrective measures.
  16. Act as a police dispatcher in a­­bsence of regularly assigned dispatcher for their relief. Direct patrol officers to respond to calls for assistance; document all pertinent information in the CAD system. Maintain equipment logs and issue keys and equipment to authorized persons. Answer incoming phone calls requesting assistance and/or information.
  17. Assist visitors and University employees with directions location of buildings, classes, and departments. Provide traffic and parking information.
  18. Coordinate motorist assistance as appropriate, when keys are locked inside vehicle or jump starting their vehicle, or assisting with a flat tire by summoning assistance.
  19. Perform administrative tasks such as delivering emergency messages, collecting lost and found items. Conduct daily safety and cleaning inspections of patrol vehicles. Delivering reports and documents to/from Coral Gables Police Department.
  20. Provide escort for students, faculty, and staff as requested. Primarily conducted during hours of darkness.
  21. Work special duty during University sponsored functions, athletic events, and student social activities. Duties at events include traffic control, crowd control and safety related services.


  • Valid Florida Driver’s License required.
  • Must be FDLE certified in order to apply.
  • Must have 54 college credits (or 3 years military service/law enforcement experience).
  • Must be a U.S. citizen.
  • Pass a thorough background investigation.
  • Must be law enforcement certified in the state of Florida, having attended a certified FDLE academy.
  • No more than 5 moving traffic citations in which the applicant pleaded guilty.
  • Must pass the UMPD/CGPD background process.
  • Must have 54 college credits (or 3 years military service/law enforcement experience).