Police Officer

Manitowoc, WI
Manitowoc Police Department

Salary: $4,894.00 – $6,031.00 Monthly.

Position Summary:

A patrol officer’s responsibility involves the protection of life and property, prevention of crime, apprehension of criminals and the general enforcement of laws and ordinances in a designated area on an assigned shift, or on special assignments. The work involves an element of personal danger and the employee must be able to act without direct supervision and to exercise independent judgment in meeting emergencies. The work assignments are general, and special instructions are received from a supervisor. Work is reviewed by inspection, observation of results and thorough oral and written reports.

Essential Functions:

  • Patrols city streets, roads and public places, either at large or in designated area;
  • Checks buildings to ensure that they are in a safe condition and that no forced entries have occurred;
  • Directs traffic and enforces motor vehicle and parking regulations;
  • Investigates automobile accidents, interviews witnesses, gathers information, locates and identifies hit and run vehicles and makes detailed reports;
  • Makes arrests when violations of laws and/or city ordinances are observed or when warrants are in existence for known offenders;
  • Investigates suspicious incidents occurring during tour of duty;
  • Issues verbal warnings, written warnings or citations to observed offenders;
  • Operates a police vehicle outfitted with police related equipment;
  • Detects and interviews suspicious persons;
  • Answers calls for service and complaints involving ordinance, misdemeanor and felony violations;
  • Interviews persons with complaints and inquiries and attempts to make proper disposition or direct them to appropriate authorities;
  • Identifies and solves community conflicts and problems;
  • Conducts follow-up investigations when necessary;
  • Operates equipment for detecting intoxicants;
  • Serves as traffic controller at funerals, parades and other special events;
  • Provides assistance and information to citizens and motorists;
  • Reports the need for maintenance or repair of department vehicles and/or equipment, to ensure proper and efficient functioning at all times;
  • Testifies in all court proceedings when required;
  • Investigates and reports hazardous conditions that might constitute a danger to the public;
  • Checks for stray animals and investigates all animal bites;
  • Attends regular training classes in police methods and related subjects;
  • Is proficient in the use and care of firearms and other weapons used by the department;
  • Maintains records and prepares clear and concise reports;
  • Knowledge and skills in operating computer systems;
  • Demonstrates clear and concise communications skills.


  • Associate Degree in Police Science or relevant Bachelor’s Degree from accredited university or college, or 60 semester hours undergraduate credits from accredited university or college in Law Enforcement or related field.
  • An equal amount of Law Enforcement experience (i.e. sworn in prior to February 1, 1993). Meet the minimum requirements as set forth by the Wisconsin Law Enforcement Standards Board.
  • A valid State of Wisconsin Operator’s License.