Police Officer

Dearborn, MI
Dearborn Police Department

$54,476.00 – $72,693.00 Annually

This is entry level police work in the protection of life and property, the prevention of crime, and the enforcement of criminal and traffic laws and local ordinances, as well as the apprehension of suspects and criminals. Employees must be able to independently exercise quick but sound judgment in applying police methods in emergency situations. As the employee acquires experience on the job additional responsibility will be granted. Employee works in a designated area on an assigned shift and may be assigned to special detail or training under supervision. Work is supervised by a superior officer through personal inspection, through review of reports, and through general appraisal of the effectiveness of the police service.

Essential Job Functions (Functions essential to attaining job objectives):

  • Affects an arrest, forcibly if necessary, using handcuffs and other restraints.
  • Pursues fleeing suspects on foot, both day and night, in unfamiliar terrain.
  • Subdues resisting subjects using hands and feet while employing defensive tactics maneuvers or approved nonlethal weapons.
  • Climbs over obstacles; climbs through openings; jumps down from elevated surfaces; jumps over obstacles, ditches and streams; and crawls in confined areas to pursue, search, investigate and/or rescue.
  • Uses body force to gain entrance through barriers to search, seize, investigate and/or rescue.
  • Enters and exits vehicles quickly to perform rescue operations, pursues a suspect or answers an emergency call.
  • Loads, unloads, aims, and accurately fires handguns, shotguns, and other agency firearms from a variety of body positions in situations that justify the use of deadly force while maintaining emotional control under extreme stress.
  • Performs tasks which require lifting, carrying, or dragging people or heavy objects while performing arrests, rescues or general patrol functions.
  • Performs law enforcement patrol functions while working rotating shifts or with variable off days, and unanticipated overtime.
  • Conducts searches of buildings, homes and outdoor areas which may involve walking and standing for long periods of time and which requires the ability to see from a distance, to distinguish color and perceive shapes as well as discern smells, tastes and tactile sensations.