Police Officer

Worcester, MA
Clark University

Open Until Filled

Position Summary:

Provide a safe environment for all members of, and visitors to the Clark community. The position of Per-Diem Campus Police Officer will reflect the objectives and overall mission of the Clark University Police Department. Clark University Police officers embody a philosophy of Integrity, respect, and dedication as the cornerstone of our values. We actively collaborate and connect with our community, striving to maintain an environment of diversity, equity, inclusion, and acceptance in all interactions on an active campus in an urban setting.

Essential Functions:

  • Maintain compliance with all department policies, procedures, and regulations.
  • Patrol all Clark University property, owned and operated, by vehicle and foot to prevent crimes in accordance with the authority granted under Massachusetts General Law Chapter 22C section 63.
  • Ability to lawfully detain and/or arrest suspects when necessary.
  • Provide first-responder medical assistance and direct advanced medical personnel as necessary.
  • Ability to produce well-written incident reports.
  • Perform traffic control and parking enforcement.
  • Demonstrate the ability to analyze, mitigate and resolve emergency situations proficiently and effectively.
  • Respond to administrative and emergency calls for service within the Campus patrol area.
  • Work in collaboration with the Dean of Student’s office when incidents are referred for judicial consideration.
  • Provide positive community interactions with all Clark community members and visitors.
  • Work with municipal police, fire agencies and local businesses in order to foster cooperation and partnership to the betterment of the community.
  • Collaborate with all Clark University community members in order to enhance and encourage overall public safety.
  • Conduct or participate in training and orientation programs for students, Faculty, and Staff on the subject of campus safety and security programs.
  • Ability to testify before the Commonwealth’s Judicial and University Judicial Systems.
  • Participate in ongoing officer development programs to include all trainings, activities i.e. on-the-job and in-service training initiatives.
  • Perform other related duties as assigned.


  • Minimum of an Associate’s Degree, in a criminal justice or related field, is preferred.
  • Currently employed as a Police Officer.
  • Demonstrated highly efficient oral and written communication skills.
  • Graduate of a Massachusetts Municipal, Special State Police Officer, or State Police Academy.
  • Required Certifications, Registrations, Licenses, Procedures:
  • Must meet the requirements for issuance and ability to maintain Special State Police Officer Warrant
  • Must maintain all certifications according to established Municipal Police Training Committee requirements and must meet all requirements under Massachusetts Peace Officer Standards and Training pursuant to MGL Chapter 6E. A valid motor vehicle operator’s license and a License to Carry Firearm, First Responder and CPR. Pursuant to MGL C. 6E Section 4(g), no agency shall appoint or employ a person as a law enforcement officer unless the person is certified by the commission. No decertified officer may work for the Clark University Police Department.
  • Must provide three written letters of reference.
  • Successful candidate will be required to pass a comprehensive background investigation, psychological examination, pre-employment medical exam and pass the Physical Agilities Test (PAT) administered by the Commonwealth.