Police Officer

Wyoming, MI
Wyoming Department of Public Safety

The Wyoming Department of Public Safety announces a process to create a hiring list for the position of police officer.

The police officer position performs responsible law enforcement and patrol work; maintains order and patrols an assigned district or area; regulates traffic, protects life and property and prevents crime and disorder; provides assistance at the scene of accidents and other emergencies; and performs related work as required.

Date Closing: 10/10/2020
Wage: $25.80-$36.43 per hour


1. Prepare and write investigative reports.
2. Patrol an assigned area or district on foot, on a motorcycle or in a radio equipped patrol
3. Issue summonses for violations of traffic and parking laws.
4. Investigate crime scenes and suspicious activities and render service as required.
5. Collect and preserve evidence, testify in court and assist in the prosecution of criminal
6. Assist elderly persons and attempt to locate missing or lost persons.
7. Render emergency medical services.
8. Provide information and general assistance to the public.
9. Participate in training sessions.
10. Apprehend violators of city ordinances, state and federal statues within their authority.


A. Reasonable knowledge of the geography, streets and important locations in the City.
B. Reasonable knowledge of traffic rules and regulations.
C. Considerable interest in and aptitude for police work.
D. Ability to react calmly and quickly in emergency situations.
E. Ability to prepare accurate written records and reports.
F. Ability to understand and follow oral and written instructions.
G. Mental alertness and good powers of observation.
H. Physical strength and agility, and height, weight and physical requirements as established
by policy.
I. No disabling impairment of vision, hearing, speech or limbs.
J. Ability to establish and maintain satisfactory working relationships with other employees
and the public.
K. Must by certifiable by Michigan Commission On Law Enforcement Standards.
L. Possess an Associates Degree from an accredited institution of higher learning, with a
Bachelor's Degree preferred.
M. Basic recruit training as required by the State of Michigan before becoming a sworn police
N. Must possess a valid Michigan Operator's License.