Police Officer

Herington, KS
Herington Police Department

Position Summary:

Under the supervision of the Chief of Police, Assistant Chief of Police or Sergeant, the Police Officer is a non-exempt position under FLSA which performs a variety of tasks to support the mission and goals of the Department. Specific duties will vary according to the assigned shift as designated by the Chief of Police, including rotation to other shifts as the Chief of Police deems appropriate or necessary. Work is performed within the general framework of established departmental rules and regulations. Tasks are expected to be performed in an effective, efficient, and safe manner. Successful performers are those who are capable and willing to make decisions that are consistently in line with the Department’s mission, goals, and objectives. Personal conduct (on-duty as well as off-duty) must be such that it does not bring disrepute or unnecessarily endanger the public’s trust or confidence in the agency or its members. The employee in this position enforces all federal, state, and local laws and ordinances. Making arrests, issuing traffic citations, and investigating crimes and accidents are the primary responsibilities of this position. Performing patrol duties and providing citizen assistance is expected. This employee should possess excellent communication and public relation skills.

Essential Functions:

  • Patrols the City of Herington, lakes owned by the City of Herington and Herington Municipal Airport to preserve law and order;
  • Answers a variety of calls and complaints involving automobile accidents, robberies, domestic disturbances, other misdemeanors and felonies, and citizen assistance calls;
  • Conducts investigations investigate crime scenes and collect evidence;
  • Issues Citations and Warnings for traffic violations;
  • Interviews suspects, victims and witnesses and makes arrests;
  • Assists and works with outside agencies on the apprehension of criminals and investigations;
  • Executes arrest and search warrants;
  • Performs security checks of business and residential properties;
  • Completes reports and records and testifies in court;
  • Provides security for Herington Municipal Court;
  • Serves as the first responder to emergencies and assist Fire and medical personnel.


  • Age: 21
  • Education: High School Diploma
  • Experience: Certified Peace Officer In or Out of State/Uncertified may be considered if no certified are found suitable.
  • Kansas Certified/ Out-of-state Certified.
  • No Brady/Giglio Violations.
  • Valid Kansas Driver’s License or ability to obtain within 90 days.
  • Passing medical, drug, and psychological screen.
  • Passing a background check.