Police Officer

Danville, VA
City of Danville
Salary: $35,758.00


Performs intermediate protective service work involving a variety of general or support duty police assignments; does related work as required. Work is performed under the regular supervision of a Corporal, Seargeant, Lieutenant or Captain.

Closing Date/Time: Continuous

Job Type: Full Time Non Exempt Salary


  • Must be able to operate a variety of automated office equipment and be able to lift, carry, push or otherwise move objects found at crime scenes.
  • Must be physically able to sit and drive for extended periods.
  • Position also involves standing and walking both indoors and outdoors to patrol areas as well as running to pursue suspects.
  • Must be physically able to operate firearms, weapons and other law enforcement equipment and be able to intervene in physical altercations between individuals as well as protect self and successfully arrest resisting persons.
  • Much of the work is performed under emergency condition and frequently involves considerable personal hazard.
  • Vocal communication is required for conveying detailed or important instructions to others accurately, loudly, or quickly.
  • Hearing is required to perceive information at normal spoken word levels.
  • Visual acuity is required for depth perception, night vision, peripheral vision, determining the accuracy and thoroughness of work, and observing general surroundings and activities.
  • Must be able to repeatedly and successfully perform a police officer's job functions.
  • Worker is subject to inside and outside environmental conditions, extreme cold, extreme heat, noise, vibration, and hazards.
  • Worker may be exposed to bloodborne pathogens and required to wear specialized protective equipment.
  • On an assigned shift, operates a patrol vehicle or walks to observe for violations of traffic laws, suspicious activities or persons and disturbances of law and order.
  • Responds to radio dispatches and answers calls and complaints.
  • Enforces traffic laws; issues citations for traffic violations.
  • Serves warrants and makes arrests, maintains warrant records, testifies in court.
  • Provides police escorts, directs traffic.
  • Performs residential and commercial checks.
  • Fills out arrest records, fingerprints, photographs, etc.
  • Performs prisoner security functions; Investigates traffic accidents.
  • Reports unsafe conditions existing in street or other public facilities.
  • Performs criminal investigations, conducts stakeouts, assists with the installation of surveillance equipment.
  • Interviews victims and witnesses.
  • Performs property and evidence duties.
  • Prepares detailed reports on activities and assignments.
  • Participates in a variety of in-service training programs.
  • Performs special duty such as community policing, K-9, mounted patrol, animal control, crime scene technician, polygraph operator, crime prevention, school resource, DARE, juvenile, field training officer or SWAT team as qualified and assigned.
  • Reports to work on assigned duty schedule.
  • Performs other reasonable duties as assigned.

*Note: The essential functions of the job are not limited to those listed in the position description. The City retains the discretion to add to or change the duties of the position at any time.