Police Officer

Oshkosh, WI
UW Oshkosh Police

Under the general supervision of a sergeant, lieutenant, captain and chief, the Police Officer position on the University of Wisconsin Oshkosh campus serves 13,000 students, approximately 1400 employees, encompassing 58 buildings on more than 184 acres. Police Officers exercise full statutory arrest authority and are responsible for the enforcement of state laws, rules and regulations pertaining to the protection of life and property, and related protective services for the University community.

Compensation: $23/Hour


1. Use problem solving strategies, critical-thinking, confident decision-making skills and appropriate use of discretion while engaging with partners to manage human behavior.
2. Analyze data, create crime prevention strategies, be accountable for and lead community services in your assigned geographical area. Work with the community to identify and resolve problems within the area your geographically responsible for.
3. Speak to and engage with the community on such topics as the police department, personal security, traffic safety, drug and alcohol issues, sexual violence and other critical law-enforcement topics.
4. Conduct checks of University physical properties and report / resolve maintenance and security discrepancies.
5. Develop knowledge of department and community resources to assist in directing public inquiries to appropriate available resources.
6. Provide leadership and mentoring for Community Service Officers.



1. Effective written and oral communication skills - to communicate, interact with and be respectful of a diverse community of students, co-workers, faculty/staff, guests and the general public.
2. Proven knowledge of federal, state and local laws, rules and principles embodied in case law (court decisions and the ability to apply this knowledge with discretion as it pertains to the laws of arrest, search and seizure, collection and preservation of evidence, and use of force).
3. Knowledge of current investigatory techniques and practices
4. Proven ability to observe and accurately recall facts or details about persons, events, accidents or crime scenes, physical conditions and individuals’ behavior.
5. Proven ability to quickly assess situations and rapidly consider various options in choosing a course of action.
6. Ability to read, comprehend and execute complex written material and verbal instructions.
7. Ability to complete multiple tasks under stressful or crisis conditions.
8. Ability to utilize weaponry issued to police officers.
9. Computer skills to perform data entry and retrieval, word processing such as Microsoft Word), database skills such as Microsoft Excel, ability to learn and use TraCS, ability to learn and use a Records Management System, ability to read and decipher information relating to previous law enforcement records.
10. Knowledge of federal, state rules and regulations affecting employee health and welfare.
11. Working knowledge of various police communications equipment and procedures.
12. Skilled in the use of types of equipment such as firearms, various enforcement devices, photographic, voice recording, etc.
13. Must have successfully completed at least 60 college credits.
14. Must have customer service experience.

1. Associate Degree or Higher
2. Certification or eligibility for certification upon hire as a law enforcement officer by the Wisconsin Law Enforcement Standards Board (LESB). Completion of recruit school.
3. At least one year of experience in law enforcement (Community Service Officer, Police Officer, Corrections, or something related).